Somalia: Was this Farmaajo’s new coup attempt in Mogadishu? [with the suspension of Roble]

Today’s report that “interim” or “transitional” President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo have sacked or “suspended” his Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble who he appointed only this last year’s September 2020. This he has done on his 322 day without a mandate and not being the elected President since 8th March 2020. That says a lot from a man who has worked against the 17th September 2020 agreement on the elections.

The man that the “interim” President appointed to run the elections and secure it to be free and fair. Has now been suspended and fired, because of corruption allegations and possible land-grabbing. As Villa Somalia is trying whatever ways possible to rig the elections and secure a second term. Since the bid of prolonging his presidency without an election was thwarted after a week during last year.

We know that Farmaajo also ordered soldiers and security officers to the offices of the Prime Minister today. With the sole intention of overthrowing the current government. Just in favour of his will and his whims. That is the clear intentions of what has transpired today.

It is a reason why he has accepted to rule and be in office without an election for this long. That he has stayed and been able to get away with it for 322 days. Farmaajo hopes that he can do this yet again and not have any issues.

Farmaajo have ordered the “Gorgor” and Somali National Army when he is in need. Because of the actions taken today. The PM has counter-ordered what the “interim” President did and said the security organizations should take orders from him. While Farmaajo is standing down as another candidate in the up-coming presidential race, which has been postponed and not been able to hold the polls. Therefore, Roble has taken power and also issued a statement where he says the cabinet is still active and follows procedures under his lead.

We have clearly seen how far Farmaajo is willing to go and never stopping in his tracks. Now we have to see how this moves, as there is talks of escalations of the opposition forces in Mogadishu. Which are now retaliating and planning to block-off the roads to Farmaajo’s house. If that is happening, as well as more army deployment around Villa Somalia. The tensions will be rising and that’s because what Farmaajo decided to do. Peace.

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