Somalia: Farmaajo rigging the elections as scheduled programming [but will people accept it?]

The first term of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo ended on the 8th February 2021. So now after being the “interim” or “transitional” President for 321 days without a mandate. In Somalia there is even more leaders calling out the rigging of the election in favour of Farmaajo.

Prime Minister Roble is following up his mandate to hold the elections. Which has been postponed and has many false starts. The Electoral Commission have had issues. The various of states has said the elections was sincere. There been hand-picked candidates by Farmaajo and he has swayed the state to field them. In such a way, that the Lower House and the Senate will be filled with his cronies. That seems to be the plan. So, that they can vote for him and get him re-elected.

Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) isn’t only questioned, but the “interim” President is as well. As he uses everyone against each other and the PM is swimming in trouble. It is just like his making things harder and scandals to ensure safe passage. Using insecurity in states to pin his folks and ensure he gets his people elected. That is how it looks like and the elders are used as pawns for his personal gains.

We know that the Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) or National Salvation Front (NSF) isn’t able to secure anything and only holding meetings with a weak PM. A PM who soon has to answer for his own corruption scandal. As the state is also blocking a terminal at the international airport for the United Nations Mission in Somalia. Therefore, we know the plans are all ushered in and Villa Somalia has ticked off all pieces in it’s favours.

Farmaajo has used months. I would have expected he had used the famine and the drought to his favour. Alas, he didn’t do that. Instead, he has used time to promote and elevate the “Gorgor” while making his “private” armies greater. That seems planned, as he has gotten closer to his Turkish allies.

We know that he didn’t intend for the elections to go smoothly, as he planned to be a transitional President, which was first voted for in the Lower House and pushed to the Senate. Therefore, we know this man is willing to do anything to stay unelected. The whole last part of 2020 proved that in combination of not caring or valuing the 17th September 2020 agreement, which he now suddenly cares about in the late December 2021. That is really insulting and only shows his intentions are clear to find paths to stay in power…

Farmaajo wants to extend his mandate. Even when his not popular at home or abroad. His trying to dictate and force himself on the Republic. He is doing that to the best of his abilities. While also undermining anyone who tries to make the elections look legit. That’s because he has already candidates lined up and wants them stamped into office. So, that he can continue… because he has no future outside of Presidency.

I wrote already on the 8th April 2021 that he prefers being an unelected leader and in November 2021 I expected him to rig everything in his favour. All of that has happened and is proven to the whole world to see. Farmaajo, the big cheese is doing his own bidding and hope all of his tricks works. However, will be able to pull it off and will the Somali people accept that? Will they look by and see a man steal the throne?

That’s what’s I am wondering about. If they will silently see one man take it all and not even care how he does it. As long as he gets the office of the presidency and gets to stay in Villa Somalia. That is how things are looking and it’s no good. Peace.

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