Opinion: Comrade Mutsvangwa thinks a scarf heals wounds

In today’s Herald there was a myth and legend in print. That the second republic and the new dispensation was healing the nation. Clearly, comrade Christopher Mutsvangwa must reveal some revelations or some deep profound secrets. Since, the Republic haven’t gotten better under the reign of Mnangagwa and Vice-President Chiwenga. To the be very sincere, it is more of the same and the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) is continuing their same-old same-old love story of misusing funds, arming politics and oppressing the ones who stands in their path. Therefore, comrade Mutsvangwa better come with some proper ammunition with this article.

Mutsvangwa called his article “’Second Republic heals wounds of the past’ where writes or says these three interesting things in three paragraphs, which I will discuss underneath and not separately, as I don’t want to repeat myself and look foolish. It is just like the last three years never happened and we are living in a dream-land and not seeing the realities of the works of ZANU-PF.

Because, comrade Mutsvangwa is living the high life!

The Second Republic as led by President ED Mnangagwa has moved a step ahead in healing the wounds of the past through allowing people to open up and express themselves freely as well as deploying Government institutions to work with Matabeleland Collective Groups, traditional authorities, churches, youths, and affected people to ensure access to key documents as well as other relevant services” (Mutsvangwa, 2021).

United together, in the Second Republic, we have accelerated political reforms to ensure that we open more arteries of freedom for our people. Through unity, we have managed to change the face of our roads network using our own resources and indeed, our roads network both in the cities and those linking cities, bear a permanent signature of President ED Mnangagwa” (Mutsvangwa, 2021).

Zanu PF reminds all those bent on sowing seeds of disunity, tribalism, regionalism and instability to shun those retrogressive tendencies and embrace dialogue as a means of resolving differences as exemplified by our founding luminaries“ (Mutsvangwa, 2021).

It is like the 2nd Republic sounds so promising when people like write about. However, the dire reality isn’t this. We know this and he knows as well. Nevertheless, he has a job and a title. This is why he has to manufacture a picture and try to sell the deal. Even if it isn’t true or honest.

ZANU-PF under Mnangagwa hasn’t healed any wounds. Neither has it had any dialogue or any sort of unified message. Unless, he can corrupt or pay off a fake opposition to his favours. Unless, POLAD is a nice smokescreen and the dumb fools believes this is a magic trick. Mnangagwa haven’t made amends with any of the deceased or the ones who was scorn by the massacres of Matabeleland. Neither has he done anything with the murders of 2008 or the ones in Harare of 2018.

This government is a vicious and ruthless as the previous ones. The one that uses force and is unapologetic about it. ZANU-PF have no response or no united message, unless that is how cronies are drinking scotch whiskey in Scotland during international conferences. Alas, these folks cannot even create a feasible usage of currency or trust in the economy. No, the 2nd Republic isn’t doing any good. It is making real journalists into felons and making activists lingering in jail. If not making them vanish and never reappearing again. Therefore, what the comrade is writing is insulting to common sense and intelligence. The ones believing this haven’t followed the acts of the ruling regime.

The comrade should come out the bubble and maybe some glass would shatter. There would be noise and the big boys would knock on his door. He would go into exile like his master did. If he ever thought of betraying the cause and the issue of keeping by any means. Because, that’s what matters to ZANU-PF. Everything else is just ploys and schemes to enrich themselves on the state coffers. Not like they have any ideals or integrity to left to trade. No, that ship has sailed decades ago. The scaf put on the second President didn’t heal anyone and neither did it change the crocodile. No, it is more of the same and more of the vicious state affairs, which has been representative of the ZANU-PF rule of late. A scarf only masks his neck, but not the wounds created by all the weapons used over the years. The deceased, the injured or the ones suffering will never forget. These wounds will not be healed by mere empty pleas and forgetful sporadic nonsense. No, this is systemic injustice served on the regular and the 2nd Republic didn’t change that. 

So long live the tyranny and the dictator who wants to be praised. Yet another comrade sings his psalms. This isn’t funny, but the sad reality we live in. Peace.

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