Opinion: Defeatist of Duterte to withdraw from the senatorial race

The boot-licker’s and the Duterte supporters should be dismayed as he withdraw his candidacy for the senatorial race on the 11th December 2021. After he filed in the forms in mid-November 2021. So, he was just in the race for a month before dropping out.

Rodrigo Duterte have now been the supposed candidate for Vice-President and later become a Senator. The President of the Republic and Chairman of the PDP-Laban party. It is like his bowing down to Bong Bong Marcos and Inday Sara. That he bickers and bows his knees to this ticket. Because, he don’t want to campaign or make it ugly with his daughter. That’s how it looks like now…

He has faith that Inday Sara will do well and ensure his safety after leaving office. The President knows, if she comes into office. She will use her influence and her position for his gains. Blood is thicker than water and this is why this is a legit reasoning.

We know already that Bong Go and others within the PDP-Laban will be directly loyal to Duterte and his daughter. So, now the party is initially helping the ticket of them. While they are giving all way.

It is like his defeated before even trying. While it would have been possible for him to get elected into the senate. His popularity and record would usher him into Congress. This just make the whole process and latest months a open wasteland.

Duterte have toyed around, the same has the whole PDP-Laban and now it just looks weak. It seems to be deliberate to give more power to the daughter and her candidacy. His the one who is supposed to be strong, resilient and a conning politician. With these moves and backing out only make him go out in sadness.

He doesn’t look smart, brilliant or even wise. It looks he cannot make up his mind or find his new place after presidency. Duterte just jumps around like a soaked-up teen who has drunk too much energy drinks. That’s why his never slowing down and just jumping ship every month.

Now he has returned back to retirement and that can only because of Inday Sara. Anything else at this point must be a lie. Since, he will not say this and that will be humbling to him. While it isn’t a sign of strength the way he bowed out.

This is like he was slapped around the face and he was worried about he was supposed to carry himself in the 2022 elections. That’s how it looks like… A strong-man who carries himself a bitch. That’s how this last few months make him look like. Not like Bong “Go” looks smart either…

The PDP-Laban campaign and plan for 2022 is clearly not solid. Duterte cannot even decide himself what his doing. That’s why his dropping out this late…

This is an whimpering end of Duterte. You would think he had an idea of what he would after the presidency. Instead, it looks like the old man is searching for relevancy and he cannot find the way out it.

Time will tell… but there will be some who will miss him. While other will celebrate this. Therefore, time will tell what sort of effect this has. Nevertheless, PDP-Laban looks like a lightweight into the 2022 elections. Peace.

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