Kayunga District By-Election: Latest updates…

Electoral commission officials have admitted to being behind the pre-ticking of ballot papers which we found in the ballot box at 6:20am, they say it is an order from above” (NTV, 16.12.2021).

Today, it’s revealed that there are pre-ticked ballots and stuffed ballot boxes for this By-Election. The few polling agents able to cover and participate was able to reveal this online. That says it all about what the state planned for this race.

The state security agencies was busy last night arresting opposition activists, NUP polling agents, NUP supporters and journalists in the district. As unknown amount of people was ferried to the Naggalama Police Station. This just shows what extent the state does to win this by-election. They are not even trying to show some sort of modesty here.

The pre-election violence and the usage of state machinery isn’t new. The same with the house-arrest of Bobi Wine for “safety” reasons. As the same old trick and modus operandi. While arresting bodyguards and gardener. Shows, the state is exposing it’s tyranny to world to see.

This is done over a by-election and one districts need for LCV Chairman. That says it all and shows what the state is willing to do. The NRM cannot be popular or have the will of the people. When they are using these means to win. The Yellow isn’t strong, but mediocre and weak. Since, they have to pre-tick ballots, stuff ballot boxes and use the security agencies to stop eyes from watching the polls. That is just seriousness of it all.

We shouldn’t be shocked or surprised, this is what the state does and they have invested the army, police and the whole machinery behind it. Therefore, it would be a disgrace and be humiliating, if the public showed interest for someone else. Peace.

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