Malawi: The Kalindo arrest shows there is no difference between Chakwera and Mutharika…

These days in Lilongwe or Blantyre should show all Malawians that the Tonse Alliance is no difference, than when President Peter Mutharika was President with his party the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). The coalition of Tonse Alliance promised to be opposite and serve in a new manner. However, the party is delivering the same.

That can be proven by the words of the current day President Lazarus Chakwera, when he was in opposition just two years ago.

The arrest of Honorable Bon Kalindo, who is Member of Parliament for Mulanje South, is a new low for the outgoing Mutharika Administration. Whether or not what the legislator said about Mutharika was an insult is not the issue. The issue is that this idea of arresting any Malawian, not to say anything of one who is a parliamentarian, for merely expressing how they feel about the illogical conduct of Mutharika’s failed government, is primitive, unacceptable, and stupid. In fact, whatever unjust law is cited to empower such a ludicrous idea is equally primitive, unacceptable, and stupid, and will thus be repealed by my government” (…) “I therefore condemn these arrests in the strongest possible terms, and I call for the immediate release of Honorable Bon Kalindo. Furthermore, I call for an immediate stop to all forms of intimidation which this government has been using against its political opponents, including tampering with the security detail of the Vice President, in contempt of court orders. Whether Mutharika likes it or not, no amount of intimidation or arrest will change the fact that Malawians everywhere are readying themselves to fire him and his entire cabinet in 130 days” (Lazarus Chakwera, 11.01.2019).

Because, since November 2021 the same politician and activist has gotten into fire. He has brewed and used the tiredness of the lacking results, and similar actions of the Tonse Alliance. Kalindo have held demonstrations and shown his capacity to gain support. Which is hurting the pride of the leadership and the authority.

MP Bon Kalindo is now behind bars after being charged again. Kalindo was just days ago gotten court orders of bail, but he was re-arrested. So, Chakwera should write ill about his own reign. When he issues and uses the same means as his predecessor.

The preacher, pastor and evangelist is showing what sort of leader he is. His not true to his words, because his actions speaks louder than those. Chakwera isn’t able to reform or change things. As the President is as busy with nepotism, corruption and mismanagement. The President shows that to the public and we can just await new leaks of scandals. If this is tenders or other misuse of resources for the high ranking officials who earned fortunes on wasting government funds.

Kalindo is behind bars. Just like he was during the predecessor. He gotten into trouble for being the same troublemaker. It is special and unique how one man can undress leaders like this. That he can prove how shallow and how little time Chakwera needed to show his true character. His no difference from Mutharika. That’s what is sad and the President doesn’t have the courage or care to be better.

He is arresting an MP for the same means as the former one did. One he attacked and asked for changes for. Now, people should ask for the head of Chakwera. Since his no better than the man he didn’t deem fit. That is clear.

A man that cannot honour his words. How can you expect this man to be a leader? When he cannot even keep his ducks in a row and be consistent. Peace.

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