Kayunga District By-Election: Shows everything that is wrong with politics these days

The National Resistance Movement and the ruling regime continues to impose itself. Where it uses all of its might, state apparatus and means to silence it’s critics. House-Arresting Robert Kyagulanyi, arresting his bodyguards and even his gardener. While beating Francis Zaake MP to pulp.

The NRM showed up with buses and their black mambas. The whole Presidential convoy and team. Where all there to bash in glory and anticipate a easy victory. Harriet Nakwedde the NUP LCV Candidate for Kayunga District was beaten and hurt as well. This is really unheard of and shows the “multi-party” democracy that NRM preaches about.

The army and the police was all active during the day. It is clear that the NRM does intend to use every trick in their book. The state promised that anyone could enter and campaign in Kayunga district. However, that was big fat lie. As Bobi Wine was without any warrants or charges house-arrested. He wasn’t allowed to leave or participate in Kayunga district. While the Prime Minister Nabbanja and the President could easily pass through the district.

Nobody should care about Andre Nuwonge at this point. His just another pawn by the regime. Today was the final day of campaigns, which ended with tear-gas, state sponsored violence and impounding a sound-truck of the opposition.

While the NRM was busy with scheduled voter-tourism, using security agencies in their favours and trying to silence the opposition. That just shows what is wrong in the Republic. There is no fair playing field and the NRM just vicious attempt to bush-whack everyone else. Not that this is any new or anything. It is just so deliberate and the efforts are clear as day.

We know it’s bad when Zaake MP had to sent to Jinja hospital for treatment. That is just what the Special Forces Command does and what the security agencies are paid to do. There was several of others who was wounded too. Just so the NRM can prove a point in the district.

It is horrific, but this is how Museveni have made the political landscape and this is in his vision. He speaks of unity, but uses the violence against anyone in his path. There is no self-reflection or concern of civlians, but just the continued oppression of the ones who is in his way. Peace.

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