Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – A statement about the victorious December 6 million marches (06.12.2021)

Our victorious rebel people;

The hordes of revolutionaries and free revolutionaries rose today in the capital and the provinces, and the roaring processions overflowed on the millions of December 6, opening of the activities of the peaceful mass resistance to the coup in the month of the launch of the glorious revolution, it tightened its peaceful siege of the brutal coup and confirmed its complete loss of legitimacy. And revealed the failure of their desperate attempts to create a political or popular incubator to hide their bad act.

Our teacher people;

We in the Sudanese Congress Party salute the struggles and sacrifices of our proud people, and we support the honorable revolutionaries and revolutionaries in the forces of the living revolution in its various professional and partisan organizations and resistance committees.

We also condemn the systematic violence of the brutal coup forces against the peaceful processions, which led to the fall of a number of casualties and the arrest of dozens of honorable people, as well as the deployment of armed gangs and the orchestration of the burning of the Al-Safi police station in a new miserable attempt to stigmatize the movement as neutral from peacefulness.

And justifying the repression and violence of the hijacked state machine in favor of the coup authority, as they are open criminal tricks practiced by all dictatorial regimes to oppose their opponents, have not and will not deceive public opinion, especially with the rise of collective awareness and careful monitoring of all the course of the peaceful resistance movement.

We affirm that perseverance in the act of resisting the coup and escalating the mass movement and diversifying its means is our way to achieve the goals of the glorious revolution and the establishment of pure civil authority, and that we will make every effort to strengthen the unity of the forces of the revolution and continue the march steadily until victory is complete, the coup is dying and its vital signs are fading day after day, in return for more igniting the flame of the revolution, and the power of our people who are commanding and overpowering.

Long live our people free and victorious

December 6, 2021

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