Sudan: Sudan Professionals Association – Procession Statement December 6, 2021 (06.12.2021)

The masses of our great people and their revolutionary forces went out in millions of processions today, December 6, 2021, in the national capital and various cities and villages of Sudan, and confirmed that the revolutionary attendance book on the third anniversary of the glorious December will be more radiant, bright and determined.

The people’s revolution continues until the uprooting of the putschists and their corrupt regime from the roots, and the establishment of the full transitional civil national authority according to a new revolutionary legitimacy is an uncompromising goal, and the construction of a Sudan of freedom, peace and justice is an imposition that cannot be undone.

The paid forces and militias affiliated with the Military Council coalition attacked the peaceful revolutionaries in a number of cities, and used excessive force and tear gas, and they still practice harassment and arbitrary arrests in the streets of the steadfast city of Bahri, and they pursue the peaceful revolutionaries who are returning to Omdurman.

It is another crime that is added to the record of shame and disgrace for the criminal putschists, and irrefutable evidence of the barbarity of their authority and their hostility to the people’s revolution and its goals in civil and democratic transformation.

The revolutionary forces will continue their daily work in diversifying the tools of peaceful resistance, millions processions will continue throughout the month of December until the defeat of the putschists and their fair trials for the crimes and massacres they committed against our patient people, and until the establishment of the authority of the revolution and the people stemming from the revolutionary forces and believing in radical change and its goals.

December 6, 2021

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