Opinion: Museveni has a lot’s of plans, but he never follows any of them

Why do you talk of 2040? This is for the “bamulyabyengedde” (technocrats). It is not for me, me I know we can hit it even by 2030. Not only hit it but also exceed” – President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni (04.12.2021).

Ever since the launch of the 10 Point Programme, the National Resistance Movement/Army (NRM/A) have shifted their programs, plans and whatever strategic document to fit the donors or the international community to get fiscal support to run the government.

The Movement and it’s government have released such huge and vast programmes. They have launched three National Development Plan (I, II & III). The same government have unleashed Vision 2020 and Vision 2040. While also never addressing the “fundamental change” promised with the 10 point programme. So, we can easily see there is no lack of planning and fiddling the pen to create some admonishing paperwork. Still, even with that massive paper-trail there is little to show from it.

This in combination with the NRM Manifestos and pledges. The state is riddled with promises and plans of which will never see the light of day. Neither will it be implemented, since nobody has the power or the currency to do it. This is why these are documents and plans made for the multi-national development banks and UN Organizations to fund and fill in the void of the state.

That he now downplays and plays like at this rate everything will be great. It is a play for the dubious people, as he haven’t achieved his promises before and neither will he do now. He has promised wealth and middle-income country status for ages without getting close. That isn’t strange either, as most things can be solved by wheels or vehicles. It is the model of all operations and daily narratives over the years. If you have an issue, either call a security detail or purchase a car for an appointed subject. Therefore, the issue or the problem is resolved immediately. However, that isn’t governing, but running a huge car-lot.

This is maybe why he feels it’s a hassle or a disturbance to have plans to follow. Since these cannot be rigged, tampered with or changed to whatever purpose he has in the now. The measures, stipulations and pledges is written “in stone” and cannot be amended before you have another plan to takeover from the previous plan. While the demand and the ideals of the old man might change with time. Secondly, he has new cronies and a larger patronage to take care of as well. All of this is all indulging the possibility of implementing such a large scale plan. In addition, the running deficits and expenses are not creating opportunities to change things. Alas, he don’t have the space to do it. Because, he has inflated the state to such a scale, which makes it hard to redeem at this point.

Hitherto lays the disarray of the whole thing. It isn’t the technocrats or bureaucrats fault that the Vision 2040 isn’t fulfilled. These folks only works on the mandate delivered to them and the office of which someone appointed them. Alas, the inept government is created by creating even more offices than it needs. Needless to say, someone has to feed the NRM Primaries losers after every election and the old stalwarts needs a envelope to be loyal to the cause. This is why there will be expenses and lack of implementation of anything. The incentives are not there and the economy isn’t up to par.

I didn’t expect when the launch of Vision 2040 that it would be implemented or delivered. That’s why they had previously not followed or tried hard to achieve the previous ones. This is just what they do. Make fashionable statements and huge plans to seek funding for a lofty or bloated ideals, which will never see the light of day. Just like all the financing and donations to a new headquarters for the NRM. That we haven’t seen either, but just epically appears ahead of the elections. As the NRM needs a treasury chest to pay all parties and everyone aligned with it’s goals ahead of the polls.

Therefore, when Museveni speaks ill of Vision 2040. Don’t be sad or grieve. It wasn’t made for the republic, but to fools some Americans and Europeans to dole a lot of funds on wasteful project with no future. Except for keeping a busy-body very-busy at an development office in Kampala. Peace.

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