Ethiopia: Agew Liberation Front – Press Release (03.12.2021)

Agew Liberation Front (ALF) has put a press release in detail regarding the current situation. In this regard, it calls for Ethiopian nationalities to play their role. Fascist Abiy Ahmed and his delegates to take full responsibility of the war that lasted for 1 year.

If the war is under their responsibility for the whole war so far, the aim of this war is respected by the ethnicity. It is to establish a country that is seen as a result of destroying nationalities and planting a traitor Shewa government. The respected Ethiopian nationalities and nationalities, our aim is to carry the people on their own rights and responsibility of self-administration. Abiy’s fascist group is not knowing the inner secret of the country and is going to shed the blood of the people of the country to end the eternal enmity. We remind you that we have been passing this call to think of each other’s friendship for the sake of one individual group, your precious souls will not be in danger.

Fascist is taking our people to the massacres of military defeat to the massacred and is going to an unwanted situation.

Respected Ethiopian nations and nationalities, we want to share this to let you know if you don’t see the genocide happening in Agaw and other areas.

We shall conquer with our hands of judgement.

Agew Liberation Front (ALF)

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