Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Press Statement (03.12.2021)

We follow with strong condemnation, and since before the brutal coup on the twenty-fifth of October, what the pens of the officers in charge of the People’s Armed Forces newspaper have been writing about going into the politics of the country, and their systematic campaigns against the national political parties and their miserable attempts to sow discord and charge members of the regular forces against them with slanders that sidestep the truth, and drive a wedge between them and the various groups of the Sudanese people, the last of which was the article of its editor in which he attacked the Sudanese Communist Party.

We in the Sudanese Congress Party affirm our categorical rejection of the politicization of the armed forces, and we believe that these pens necessarily represent an extension of the former regime, which calls us to further adhere to one of the most important demands of the glorious December revolution, which is the reform of all public institutions and the removal of the systematic empowerment that covered it during three dark decades, and at the forefront of these institutions the armed forces, which leads to the existence of a single national army that represents all of Sudan and operates through a law that defines its professional role and criminalizes its involvement in politics.


Noureddine Babiker

Spokesperson for the Sudanese Congress Party

December 3, 2021

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