Ethiopia: A Fresh OCHA Report states that 9.4 million is in dire need of humanitarian assistance

On the 2nd December 2021 UN OCHA Situation Report on Ethiopia was released and the numbers are staggering. The needs are vast and the hands to do so is tied. The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) is clearly behind on its mandate and the UN Organizations must cover the needs, which is happening the FDRE territory. Despite all the vilification of “wheat aid” and other measures. The needs are there and the total picture is ghastly.

“The situation in northern Ethiopia remains precarious and volatile with the continuation of active hostilities in several locations leading to increased humanitarian needs and vulnerabilities due to large-scale displacement, loss of livelihoods and access to markets, food, and basic services. Humanitarian partners have limited or no access to a large segment of the population across the three affected regions, hampering the delivery of life-saving humanitarian assistance” (OCHA, 02.12.2021).

The three regions who is hardest hit by this is the Tigray, Afar and Amhara region, which all has been inflicted by the warfare. While the Tigray Region is where the most is still affected and where the humanitarian blockade have stopped all proper humanitarian assistance, a man-made famine and weaponizing hunger. Which the FDRE is denying but is a clear fact by how it has operated over the last year.

The total target in the three regions now is 9.4 million citizens in dire need of humanitarian assistance. As the conflict and warfare is on several fronts. While other zones and woredas are now accessible for the humanitarian assistance to return to as well. This means the organizations who is responsible and delivering the assistance have to be allowed to enter and do its job, which haven’t been the case.

“WFP reported in a statement on 26 November that the number of people in need of humanitarian food assistance across northern Ethiopia has grown to an estimated 9.4 million as a direct result of conflict. Amhara Region has seen the largest increase of people in need with 3.7 million people now in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. The humanitarian situation in parts of Amhara, including North Wollo, Wag Hemra and parts of South Wello, as well as in conflict-affected areas in Afar, are of particular concern due to disruption of livelihoods and markets and lack of access to humanitarian assistance. In Tigray region, 5.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, of which at least 400,000 are believed to be facing famine-like conditions” (OCHA, 02.12.2021).

Here you see the distress and the dire needs explained, as the situation isn’t becoming better, but only slightly worse. As new areas and new issues are becoming prevalent. That is very clear by this.

The whole situation report is shattering, as so many lives is at stake and it’s all done for one man to consolidate all power under him. They are all victims of his anger and vengeance against one group people. Therefore, everyone must suffer consequently. That is tragic, but the world we are living in. Peace.

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