Sudan: Sudan Central Doctors Committee – Statement (30.11.2021)

We carefully follow the testimonies of many doctors and revolutionaries who arrive at hospitals about their feelings of different symptoms after being exposed to tear gas, agreeing that it has symptoms that differ from all types of “bombans” they were exposed to in the past. Hospitals also recorded a number of injuries he suffered burns of varying severity from the sound bombs that were used today.

We are working in cooperation with interested parties to find a scientific and effective method and start counting, analyzing and studying these symptoms to know the extent of their impact on the health of our people in the short and long term. This should be coordinated with weapons experts and relevant authorities the link inside and outside Sudan to know more details about what our victorious resistance people are throwing at.

We confirm that the use of tear gas of all types and authorized and unauthorized trademarks; It poses a direct threat to health, especially to the elderly and respiratory patients, and is not limited to them. And our people remember a number of martyrs who died during the December revolution due to suffocation with tear gas, including:

-Uncle Martyr Abu Bakr Othman Yousef (February 17, 2019)

– Martyr Grandmother Kinaina Ayoub (15 March 2019)

-Uncle Martyr Hashem Hazrat (March 24, 2019) and others.

A number of martyrs rose during the course of our victorious revolution As a result of direct hits from tear gas canisters, we mention the martyr Uncle Hassan Al-Haddad (April 18, 2019) and other martyrs of our mighty people.

These incidents are examples of many of the lethal effects of tear gas, and the use of power by another type of tear gas with more severe symptoms is an unsurprising continued killing. The authority killed the people with live live bullets on the heads, necks and chests.

Another weapon used by the forces of the Prime Minister of the coup to suppress the last processions is the #مليونية30نوفمبر , a type of sound bomb that has incendiary effects on the extremities and the skin. preparation. These injuries produce sores that may be difficult to treat and multiply and cause cases that reach the rotting of the affected organ and the possibility of its amputation, and the burn and shrapnel scattered from these bombs can affect more vital organs in the body. All of this directly harms the health of our people and threatens their lives.

Bear the coup prime minister, leaders the trembling ones see all these violations against our rebellious people, and the eye of the revolution is anticipating every transgression, not blinded by idle talk, nor by the slander of lies, and its determination will not be limited by the long term.

November 30, 2021

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