A look into the “disinformation campaign against Ethiopia”

As the ‘counteroffensive’ is going on the Afar-Region front and in Amhara region. The Tigray Defense Force (TDF) and Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) is meeting new forces against it. The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali being on the front-line or claiming to be so. While promising yet another victory in the war, which was supposed end in the late November 2020.

Today, the Prosperity Party and the OPM dropped a thread on twitter, which is filled with claims and ideals, as I will discuss. Because, it is in a need of addressing and questioning it. As the FDRE haven’t been truthful about anything of late and therefore, it is a need to question their words. Since, they want to peddle certain narratives without any questions or getting back-tracked.

W know the Tripartite Alliance, which is the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) and Amhara Para-Military Group Fano. These has worked together to beat and destroy the TPLF. They started as a partnership to take down the TPLF in early November of 2020. Now, we are in December 2021 and it’s not stopping anytime soon.


The terrorist TPLF which has been previously indicated to qualify as a Tier III terrorist by US homeland security incited the conflict. Yet a democratically elected government is equated with the clique just because TPLF has best friends in hegemonic circles in the West” (Office of the Prime Minister – ‘Disinformation campaign against Ethiopia: THREAD’ 01.12.2021).

As I begin the Third Tier list was rescinded by President Trump. However, the terrorist third tier list would be deemed as this: “The statute defines Tier III terrorist organizations as “a group of two or more individuals, whether organized or not, which engages in, or has a subgroup which engages in” terrorist activity” (Jesse Lempel – ‘Tier III Terrorist Designations: The Trump Administration and Courts Move in Opposite Directions’ 05.12.2017, Lawfare).

Well, the FDRE have designated TPLF as a terrorist organization. That was also done in the last term in the House of Federation. Therefore, the FDRE does what the U.S. government does as well. The third tier list of U.S. would be used in manners of deportation and designate members of a terrorist organization to be proven by U.S. authorities. Alas, there is no proof that the TPLF is the friends of the West. As there was until recently close relations between diplomats and everyone else in concern with the leadership of the Prosperity Party. Abiy is the only one of the mentioned who has a Nobel Peace Price and was seen as a new modern reformist. That was getting acclaimed, until the warfare started to backfire. Also, the FDRE tactics and strategies against dissidents and towards ethnic groups like the Tigrayans. Therefore, the OPM should know that every action has a possible reaction or ramifications. The OPM is only using the old relations and the previous meeting between TPLF and other Western powers. The same could be done with the OPM and his party affiliates since Abiy became the PM in April 2018.


It is erroneously reported by many that media have been clamped down by the SOE from reporting on the conflict while the SOE prohibits unauthorized entities from announcing battlefront activities which have not been verified through the appropriate security channels” (Office of the Prime Minister – ‘Disinformation campaign against Ethiopia: THREAD’ 01.12.2021).

This would happened no matter what the state does. As there are affiliates of both parties who wants to inform and spread intelligence of what is going on. There is a lack of trust in the government friendly media and associates who only reports what the state wants to show. While it would not show the bad-news or even the realities on the ground. Because things are bad, but they only want the victories to be told. That’s why we know radio-stations, media houses and others has been silenced by the authorities. Heck, international journalists have been deported from the Republic as well. So, the FDRE wants to own the media space and the narratives, which is the reason to silence battlefront information to the general public.


The purposeful crafting of the situation as genocide & ethnic cleansing continues by TPLF & their foreign allies to facilitate intervention while the war has not been in Tigray region for five months now” (Office of the Prime Minister – ‘Disinformation campaign against Ethiopia: THREAD’ 01.12.2021).

The FDRE have lied about everything. It has dismissed every part of the conflict. They have not taken any consideration or claims for their ill-will and devious acts during the warfare. While the same government can easily taint and claim terrorists acts done by the enemies. The FDRE and the Tripartite Alliance won’t take account for the massacres in Tigray region, neither the weaponized humanitarian assistance or going after “wheat aid”. So, we are just supposed to believe the folks who would block assistance for months on end to speak the truth about damage they did while they enforced war in Tigray?

In Western Tigray, the Eritrean Defence Force and Fano forces are still roaming the region. They have been there since the beginning of the war. The Tripartite alliance haven’t been in parts of it, but it’s a lie they haven’t been in Humera, as bodies have been floating into Sudan in November 2021 as well. Therefore, we know the FDRE and allies are still participating and killing there. This is just trying to downplay what they are actually doing.


Attempts to silence pro-Ethiopia voices & propping up of pro-TPLF narrative are seen. We have reasons to believe that Twitter is targeting & suspending voices that are raising awareness about the TPLF’s atrocities & its lies which we have shared with their policy team” (Office of the Prime Minister – ‘Disinformation campaign against Ethiopia: THREAD’ 01.12.2021).

We saw earlier that the FDRE and OPM had issues with people dropping knowledge and intelligence in the media of the battlefront. Nevertheless, going after their enemies are fine and dandy. While there is not proof of this and there is a lot of projection here. Since, the FDRE will never accept or take any accountability for the Tripartite Alliance actions. Alas, they are never doing the ills or the dehumanization of the Tigrayan people. As well, as the targeted ways of which the warfare has been. That’s why the OPM and the FDRE should consider how they work themselves and blocks voices in general.

The FDRE expect the Twitter company to respect free and fair speech, while the authorities or the FDRE couldn’t be if you throw anything at it. The OPM would only expect praises and be told to be brilliant. As he don’t want dissidents or critics, because if you are … expect the authorities or trouble with the law. They speak of lies, but the OPM and the FDRE haven’t been truthful either and been caught in plenty of lies since the start of the war. Therefore, don’t plan mechanical divisions, Special Forces, Fano, EDF and attack the Tigray region from various of fronts in November 2020. So, it is not like the FDRE and OPM is truthful either. Therefore, the attacks on anti-TPLF sentiments is just to stop hate-speech and fascism on a online platform. However, that is clearly fine by the Amhara allies and the FDRE counterparts.


Some mainstream western media are obviously dominated by anti-Ethiopian Government perspective. Such trend has been repeatedly utilized in many countries where media was used to effectively demonize governments and their leaders in order to facilitate regime change” (Office of the Prime Minister – ‘Disinformation campaign against Ethiopia: THREAD’ 01.12.2021).

To call certain mainstream western media anti-Ethiopian perspective is to degrade all reporting and undermine what they are writing. Yes, the Western media will be biased, just like EBC, ENA, Borkena or Fana BC is biased towards the government. The Ethiopian media houses I have mentioned are reporting in favour and could directly just write what the Ministries and the Commanders told them to do. There is no analyses or commentary, of which would dare to question the leadership. Alas, to critique and dare to question the OPM or the FDRE is directly anti-Ethiopian sentiment at this point of time. Any real patriotic stance is to be behind the leaders and the ruling regime. Alas, anyone should be able to critic a government, but not be against the citizens or the nation itself. Because, they are connected, but you should still be able to differentiate.

The OPM and FDRE claims this reporting have been done with a deliberate act of overthrowing them. While not proving any proof of that and it doesn’t explain what it did with that. This follows a pattern saying any reporting is misinformation or disinformation. While not supporting or allowing media to report in general. This government has been one of the most critical to all reporting and not given the media houses ability to report from the ground. They have only dismissed everyone who haven’t parroted the narratives the FDRE wants the world to know. This is why you can question this government and what it tries to hold back. Alas, it has also tried to leave the world in the black and not matter what the media would write. The FDRE would push back….

OPM and FDRE is disingenuous and insincere here. Continuing to vilify everyone else and your just supposed to trust them. Trust the same guys that lied about the refugees into Sudan, Eritrean involvement and whatnot… Peace.

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