Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Leadership Council – Press Statement (30.11.2021)

don’t negotiate

no partnership


The masses of our rebellious people continue their resistance activities with perseverance and determination to bring down the putschists, opportunists and remnants of the former regime, fraught with creative awareness which exposes and refutes attempts to circumvent its indomitable will, as today at exactly one o’clock in the afternoon processions of the revolution #مليونية30نوفمبر in the capital and the provinces, dressed in dazzling peacefulness and adhering to the same goals of restoring the path of civil democratic transition.

And the accountability of the coup d’état, murderers, and violators of our people’s inherent right to freedom, peace and justice, and the obstacles to achieving the goals of the glorious December revolution.

We in the Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change support and support the demands of our great people, and we will be at the forefront of the ranks in today’s processions. We also warn the coup authority against attacking the peaceful and free revolutionaries, for freedom of demonstration and expression is a right guaranteed by law and not a gift from any party.

We will continue to escalate the masses with all the forces of the live revolution, until the complete demise of the coup d’etat on the chest of the country.

November 30, 2021 AD

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