Ethiopia: Abiy tries to emulate Debretsion Gebremichael now…

Just as the supposed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is at the front-lines. While sitting in the middle of the field with fancy conference-room chairs and a desk. Where he held a massive speech to the Republican Guards and other military leaders. As well, as sitting beside him was “liqe mekwas” or his body-double, which is his impersonator or the “double of the emperor”. That was very visible on one of the pictures leaked to the press.

PM Abiy copies the meeting outside and gathering people to get the vision like the Tigray have been doing. While also wearing a Tegaru scarf just like TPLF President Debretsion Gebremichael is known for doing. This is emulating and copying his enemy, but doing it without any sophistication.

The man is supposed to be on the front-line, but the chairs looks from a half-way decent hotel and they are clean too. Abiy looks like he has had a shower and been groomed for the meeting. Secondly, the “liqe mekwas” wearing a suit and tie, which wouldn’t fit on the battlefield. Unless, you are playing around and mocking the whole war from afar.

Some reports even say he was in Bishoftu at the Kurufu Resort or the Tadiyos Hotel, while the private jet the PM uses was stationed at Bishoftu Air Force base. While the PM held the meeting on the grass in-front of the forest there. However, that haven’t been verified, but he looks so fresh and so clean for being on the front-line.

The PM looks like he haven’t had dirt, dust or anything under his fingernails even. As he walks impeccably with his military fatigue and held a speech. The publicity stunt isn’t working smoothly. It isn’t making it believable. Only the cult will believe this stunt.

This is not a PR victory. Only shows how he want to be a carbon-copy of his enemies. While never ceasing to compete on all fronts. Abiy is only showing out of touch and how he thinks this will work. This is not clever, but only proving his arrogance and his hubris in the midst of war.

When you take a conference room from a hotel or a resort and station it in-front of a forest to stage that your are at the front-line. That just shows that you have lost the plot. Not only that, but you have tried to make it look like a leadership gathering like your enemies and wearing their scarf. That just shows what sort of mental game-plan the Prime Minister has at the very moment. He is just boosting his own ego. As the ‘counter-offensive’ is happening in the border-region of Afar. Since the takeover of certain towns there of late. However, nobody knows for how long this can last. Certainly, Abiy isn’t there fighting, as his to nurtured to be there now. Peace.

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