Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Permit (28.11.2021)

Yesterday, Saturday, November 27, 2021, we had news about the release of the Minister of Industry and leader of the Sudanese Congress Party, Ibrahim Al-Sheikh, who was kidnapped by the coup plotters, but he was kidnapped again by regular forces affiliated with the same authorities, who took him to an unknown destination, an extension of the crimes committed by the coup d’état since the twenty-fifth of October.

We in the Sudanese Congress Party hold the coup authority, the safety of the legitimate Minister of Industry Ibrahim Al-Sheikh and all the political detainees and the resistance committees, and we stress that the continuation of repression and kidnapping will not deter us from continuing the path. The company of our people until their overthrow and the accountability of all those who committed a crime against the Sudanese people, and we will work with all the revolutionary forces to restore the path of civil democratic transformation.

We also call on all the forces of the living revolution to participate in the marches of the millionaires on the thirtieth of November, which the resistance committees called for in the capital and the various states, and we call upon the party’s membership to advance the ranks until the demise of the coup generals, the opportunists, and the remnants of the former regime, and the fulfillment of the slogans of the glorious December revolution.

Noureddine Babiker

Spokesperson for the Sudanese Congress Party

November 28, 2021

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