Opinion: Farmaajo trying to rig it all in his favour

The Federal Government of Somalia and Villa Somalia own term ended on February 8th 2021. The President and his allies has postponed the elections several of times. The allies of the President has thwarted talks and ripped agreements apart. The President even tried to use the majority of the Lower House to get him unelected for years with a fake mandate. However, that stopped… but his still in office scheming like no tomorrow.

Former President and interim President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed aka Farmaajo who has used months upon months. Soon a year long process to get an election going. Always ensuring his people and delegates their wishes. In such a fashion that critics and others from various of states are getting dropped from elections. Just so he can have total control of the Parliament, both houses and get elected into Presidency for his second term.

Farmaajo have no real game-plan, other than securing re-election. He either got to have by the hook or the by crook. This man is willing to use the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) to his own favours. Just like he has used the ‘Gorgor’ to threaten and get his will earlier in this year too.

The interim President isn’t sharing any goodwill and is just proving how sinister he is. As his using insecurity and national disasters to his own personal gain. He is using droughts, the pandemic and everything included as ways of getting ahead. It is like he doesn’t care about anything else, but being in the high office.

Farmaajo is a man who speaks poetically about being a patriot, but has no issues trading away resources and industries for personal gains. This being getting recruits, training and splendid mercenaries, which can be used for private operations. While the people who pays for these services gets favourable business-deals and trading licenses in the Republic. That’s why he cannot let go and let other people rule either.

This is why Farmaajo cannot risk having universal suffrage, because that would be a risky gamble for him. Why you might say? Well, it wouldn’t be delegates or picked people to elect representatives in the states. No, it would be secret ballots and counting, which Farmaajo wouldn’t trust with his life. It is easier to bribe a few delegates and incite fear into a little crowd. Compared to doing the same to the whole population and getting them in drones to vote for you.

The interim President has to use this system and gets his people behind the wheel. That is clear message and he does it in the open. While blocking and stopping the ones who happens to be his critics. This is so obvious… and clear, deliberate rigging that it’s not tricky to see. As he has all the incentives and the motivation to do this. Since, if he gets his people in the Lower House and Senate. He can easily get re-elected and call it another “Monday”.

Certainly, the interim President thinks the people and the onlookers are stupid. Because, if he was smartly rigging. He would have allowed and made clear for opposition to stand as candidates. Especially, the ones that was elected in the previous term. Nevertheless, the interim President isn’t that bright and has to screw it all up. When people can see it and they don’t even have to think about it.

Therefore, this isn’t only something the Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC) are seeing, but everyone else as well. It is handled so badly and with such disgrace. That only pro-Farmaajo and Villa Somalia supporters accepts the electoral process. It is filled with problematic actions and Prime Minister Roble cannot runaway from that. His fiddling in the middle of it and he knows that perfectly well. Farmaajo is tricking him too and he is challenged to fulfil the mandate he has.

The Interim President is playing a dangerous game. However, restarting the whole process and re-issuing new elections. Only gives the unelected President more time in office. Which is ironically what the opposition doesn’t want, but is the only way out this. At this point of time, the lessons of past has to be addressed, if not we are repeating the sins of the past. That is just the tragedy here and Farmaajo wants to eat the spoils. This is very clear and he thinks he can trick everyone. As his confidence is above the normal and his hubris is touching the sky. Peace.

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