Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – The Central Leadership Council – A statement about a million processions of loyalty to the martyrs, November 25 (26.11.2021)

Our proud people;

Millions’ processions of loyalty to the martyrs shook the ground under the feet of the opportunistic coup d’état and the remnants of the former regime, after it was overwhelmed by the torrential flows of the peaceful masses in the capital and the provinces. And it is waving the banners of steadfastness, and the creative resistance panels are covered with expressions of clear rejection of the so-called political spending between the coup general Al-Burhan and Dr. Abdullah Hamdok, and stability in our country will not be established unless the goals of the glorious December revolution are achieved and the path of democratic transformation is completed according to the will of our proud people.

In the midst of all the epics of creative resistance today, the honorable revolutionaries and revolutionaries showed solidarity with our people in West Darfur and rejected the painful violations that the coup generals are asking about, and about the flagrant security shortcomings that represent a proven crime that will not be subject to statute of limitations, with full awareness of the fact that these generals have kidnapped the people’s armed forces and regular agencies, and that they do not express the will of all its members of honorable officers and soldiers who belong to this country and its people.

Our great people;

We in the Central Command Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change will continue to hold the case until the coup is overthrown and the democratic path is restored, and all those who planned and executed the coup and conspired against the legitimate transitional authority are brought to trial in accordance with the provisions of the law, we draw lessons, lessons and meanings of steadfastness from the revolutionaries and the free revolutionaries and from the valor of the honorable martyrs, and we will spare no effort in expanding the National Front Resistance to the Coup from the forces of the living revolution with its various names. We also salute the struggles of the revolutionaries and revolutionaries in the Sudanese resistance committees in all cities of Sudan and read. And in union bodies and professional bodies, and we value the high organizational capabilities that have continued to distinguish the movement and which come as an extension of the cumulative experiences of our people, the maker of revolutions, to inspire us with the meanings of boldness and give us renewed lessons. Together, we write new chapters in the literature of peaceful resistance to overthrow totalitarian regimes and liberate peoples.

Finally, we affirm that the manifestations of unity that have characterized our peaceful and resistance movement are the true fortress and guarantor of achieving the goals. All indicators confirm the progress of the will of our people. The demise of the revolutionary junta will inevitably disappear, and the coming days will bear a lot of perseverance in the struggle with diversification of its tools.

Long live our people free and victorious

Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Leadership Council

November 26, 2021

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