Ethiopia: New State of Emergency Measures (!!!)

Early in November 2021 the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) issued a Nationwide State of Emergency, as the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) – Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) – United Front was starting to advance to strategical parts in the Amhara region. Therefore, the state and the Republic set in motion, stipulations and articles of which gave the state more power and also more oversight to every moment in the Republic.

However, that haven’t been enough, as there have been one revision or additional order before today’s new measures. Meaning this the third one in month. This is now happening while the FDRE is run by acting Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen Hassen and the (s)elected PM is at unknown location. While there been speculations that he was at the Afar front-line, but quickly vanished from there back to the palace in Addis Ababa. However, that hasn’t been confirmed, as of yet. Nobody knows where he is or is up-to.

What we do know… is by official channels that the state has issued new restrictions and new measures.

First and foremost, it is illegal to wear military fatigue or regalia, if you are a civilian or not part of any security organizations. Meaning the only one allowed to wear uniform or fatigues is if you are a soldier, part of special force or a police officer. It is forbidden to wear it otherwise.

Secondly, the citizens are forbidden from giving intelligence or leak information of the whereabout or the locations of military troops. Battlefield or frontline information should only go through by either civilian or military leaders. Meaning, all information on how the warfare is going and what’s happening in the front. These sorts of statement or intelligence is only allowed to be controlled by the state. A private person or a citizen is forbidden from writing that on any social media or on any media platform. This would also block newspapers, journalists and reporters from broadcasting or reporting from the frontline. As they have to await statements from state officials or military spokespersons before they publish stories. Therefore, this is blocking the news and the ability to follow what happens on the frontline. As it will take away many people’s ability to publish or print about what happens on the frontline. That is the reality out of this. 

This just shows how dire things are… when these sorts of things is happening. This is not a sign of strength or control. It is very clear that the state want to ensure who is involved in the conflict. That’s why they target the fatigues and the ones wearing military outfits. The second is to have total control of the output of information and seize anyone who leaks any sort of intelligence. That is to mull and silence, anyone who drops viable intel and can damage the war-effort. It is silencing the citizens, but a natural stance when the war-effort is going badly.

The Federal Government is clearly not going strong. The ENDF and it’s allies is clearly not able to stagnate the attacks on all fronts. They are clearly missing the mark. If it was going smooth. None of these measures would have been put. The state wouldn’t have cared, because they wanted to big-men like they where in the end of November last year in 2020. However, that time has long gone…

These measures are clear and with intent. There is no middle-ground. What this is aiming at the heart. While striking fear and also silence the ones who dares to write online. They want no information leaking out. The state don’t want any sort of reporting on the military campaigns or ‘counteroffensive’ for that matter. Because, that would hurt the pride, but also the end-game of the state too.

This is what wits end looks like. It is devastating to see how hard the state has fallen. However, the same state has made a man-made famine and weaponized aid. So, hard to feel sorry when innocent civilians are dying as a cause of their efforts. This brutality is just coming home and the ones who dares to challenge it at this time. Will, well… face the law like the Debre Birhan Police Chief Taye Habtegiorgis who dared to question and act with his conscience, which isn’t what his supposed to do at this given time. That’s why his behind bars now and became a prisoner of war himself. Peace.

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