Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement on massacres and violations in West Darfur state (25.11.2021)

There were reports of new massacres in the local villages of Jebel Moon and other areas of West Darfur state, which began a few days ago and is still continuing until the moment of writing this statement.

According to preliminary information, more than two hundred martyrs have risen, large numbers of wounded have exceeded three hundred, cases of rape of women and children, and the burning of more than twenty villages.

We in the Sudanese Congress Party have mercy on the souls of the pure martyrs, and we pray for a speedy recovery for the wounded and the abused, and we believe that the machine of violence should be monopolized and subject to the exclusive authority of the civil and democratic state, to be used legally, rationally and disciplined, and that these tragic events in West Darfur state are nothing but an inevitable result of the coup generals’ continued procrastination and flight forward by overthrowing the legitimate transitional authority and the constitutional document, and refraining from implementing the benefits of merging all forces, including the Rapid Support Forces, under the umbrella of the people’s armed forces, with its restructuring and reform of its creed, instead of aiming the barrel of their weapons at the chests of defenseless Sudanese and Sudanese women to kill and abuse them.

We call on the coup forces, with their various names, to stop spilling Sudanese blood immediately, and we call on the masses of our people to escalate the peaceful struggle against the coup until its complete overthrow, so that all those involved in all violations can be brought to trial, and refuse to establish the policy of impunity, the oud is not right, and whoever commits massacres, genocide, rape and ethnic cleansing is in power, as we draw the attention of all world governments and humanitarian and human rights organizations to what is happening in West Darfur and Sudan in general, we call on them to boycott the putschists, work to dry up their sources of money, not provide them with weapons, and refuse to recognize their brute power, which is inevitably fallen.

Long live our people free and victorious

November 25, 2021

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