Ethiopia: Abiy is leading a ‘counteroffensive’ from the frontline

Addis Ababa, November 24, 2021 (FBC) – Government Communications Service Minister Legesse Tulu (PhD) disclosed that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is now leading the counteroffensive from the frontline to eliminate the terrorist group TPLF forces. The Government Communications Service Minister has briefed journalists on the ongoing survival campaign in the light of current situation in the country. Prime Minister Abiy has been giving leadership from the battlefield as of yesterday, the Minister stated. Other senior government officials have also immediately responded to the call made by the prime Minister to save Ethiopia and joined the campaign, he added” (Fana Broadcasting Company – ‘Prime Minister Abiy is leading counteroffensive from frontline: GCS’ 24.11.2021).

The Prime Minister have ordered ‘final offensive’ on Tigray Defence Forces since late November 2020. There been so many ‘offensive’s’ against the TDF and it have never seemed to work. Since, the war is just going from bad to the worse for him. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is now supposed on the frontline and directing the warfare there. However, the whereabouts or his location is unknown.

The PM doesn’t only have to fight on various fronts against the TDF. There is also the whole United Front against him, which includes the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). Therefore, the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and it’s allies has gotten stretched. They have also been beaten for months now. The state has lost serious amount of territory and been defeated on the battlefield for months. That is just the proof of how far into the Amhara region the TDF and OLA are by this point.

Maybe, the PM shouldn’t have started his final phase of the war in the end of November 2020. Since, he has yet another offensive this month. There was on in October 2021 and who knew, which months doesn’t have similar efforts. The state had one point where all Regional Special Forces was sent to the frontline. Later the Republican Guards was sent to Afar region too. Liyu Police was sent to the front too. So, it’s not a new thing, but now the PM is there as a “Legendary Hero” for direct to your PlayStation console. That’s how things seems to me.

The campaign to save the republic has been going on for a while and have been a measure that the state issued with the State of Emergency. Abiy haven’t gained anything by doing that. Now he thinks a publicity stunt to go to the front will boost the war effort. However, the economy and the lack of troops doesn’t come out of nowhere. Getting untrained civilians to the front will not salvage anything either. What that will do is only sending more innocent civilians to the slaughter.

Abiy and his allies has already lost all credibility and is wavering. It is not like they are trailing on a good run of results. No, the Prosperity Party and armed forces are struggling. His efforts on the frontline will not make-up anything and could only cause more confusion. As his supposed to be in the Situation Room and follow the Generals doing his bidding there. Since they are the people who knows and has the strategic know-how do what is best. He is just a former colonel and a intelligence gatherer. Not like he can bring much to the table here. Heck, the publicity is only headlines and not proof. As they are mull about what he does or where he is.

That says it all, Abiy is not winning the war this way. The Acting PM Demeke Mekonnen Hassen must be worried in Addis Ababa. As he has the reigns of all this uncertainty and has to handle the current state of government. This cannot be easy… and yet another counteroffensive. We have heard this before and there been a few of those “final offensives” without securing the resounding victory.

So, who believes this ‘counteroffensive’ will make a huge difference now? I don’t, but maybe that’s just me. Peace.

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