Sudan: The Forces of Freedom and Change – Press Release (22.11.2021)

The Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change held a meeting this afternoon, Monday, November 22, 2021 AD, in which the meeting discussed in detail the developments of the political situation in the country, which included the following themes:

The meeting discussed the political agreement between Dr. Hamdok and the coup leader, General Burhan, and considered it an extension of the coup measures announced by Al-Burhan on October 25, 2021.

The Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change affirmed its previously announced position rejecting this agreement as a rejection of the goals and pacts of the glorious December revolution, as it ignored the real issues of civil democratic transformation stipulated in the Declaration of the Forces of Freedom and Change in January 2019

And the constitutional document in August 2019 which is:

1- Transitional justice issues and the accountability of all those who have committed crimes against the Sudanese people since June 30, 1989 until today.

2- The necessity of structuring and reforming the doctrine of the military and police institutions and the security apparatus, structuring them, and defining their tasks in a professional manner, while ensuring that those among their affiliates who committed crimes against our people are held accountable, with their liquidation from the elements of the former regime and their transformation into national institutions subject to civil authority.

3- Accounting for all those who planned, executed, participated and supported the October 25, 2021 coup.

4- Ensuring that the military institution does not interfere in the political process and reject any partnership of this institution in the process of democratic transformation towards the establishment of a civilian constitutional authority.

Considering any framework or political agreement between Hamdok and the leader of the coup, General Al-Burhan, as an agreement that does not meet the aspirations of our people and stands against the movement of our people in resisting the coup of October 25, 2021 AD.

Central Leadership Council

November 22, 2021 AD

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