Sudan: Hemeti celebrates the “dead” agreement of yesterday

I would like to congratulate the people of Sudan on today’s historic event. An agreement has been signed ensuring that Sudan continues on the path of democracy and the people’s will. We are ready to work together hand-in-hand with Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and his team to realize the people’s aspirations for freedom, peace, justice and a life of prosperity. I would like to reaffirm to our partners around the world that we remain committed to the principles of the December revolution. The corrective action taken in October was absolutely necessary to ensure that we remain on this path. We call upon our partners in the international community to continue supporting Sudan in our democratic transformation, as we prepare to hold elections at the end of the transitional period” (General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemeti, 22.11.2021).

General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemeti is jubilant for the re-instating Prime Minister Hamdok. When the first Transitional Military Council was made in the past. It initially gave legitimacy towards the likes of Hemeti. Who has been a warlord and a despicable tyrant in Darfur with the reigns of his militia the Janjaweed or the Rapid Support Force (RSF). Because of this… the man got a high office and became a high ranking official in government. The same happened in the Sovereign Council as well.

Now, there is a new Transitional Sovereignty Council, which is filled with army commanders and hand-picked “civilian” leaders or former warlords, which was signatories in the Juba Declaration. They are there and is legitimizing council as a functional government. That is now added with the Political Declaration signed off yesterday. This is why Hemeti wants to celebrate it.

Hemeti wants the junta government another try. He wants to keep all the power and not be challenged. The general knows perfectly well that if he looses power and office. He might have to answer for his past and the current transgressions against protesters. There is people dying, because the military will not give way.

The general can play around and be like a fool. This trick shouldn’t work and the ones eating the ideals of the political declaration haven’t figured things out. Hemeti and Al-Burhan wouldn’t have ordered and configured a second coup d’etat, if they weren’t interested in keeping the power for themselves. This is not to make the transition better or soften the blow. No, it is all about keeping control and having it without accountability.

Hemeti is happy for this, because Hamdok is pragmatically signing off to the army. Hamdok is a plot-devise to sell the new council. He becomes the man they can show-off and make it legit. While the army can do whatever it wants. The PM might look supreme and have a mandate. However, everyone with a marble working will know that Hemeti and Al-Burhan will handle the things that matters. They bought peace for nothing and hope it could trick the masses too. Nevertheless, the general public doesn’t seem to eat it.

Hemeti hopes the international community is believing this and that the Transitional Sovereignty Council gets legitimacy. The General hopes everyone eats his words and supports this new transitional government, which it shouldn’t, but they hope the “stability” is more important, than an actual civilian government.

Hemeti and Al-Burhan wants all power and that’s why they did the second coup on the 25th October 2021. Now they want Hamdok as the Prime Minister to officiate it all, but he will just give way to them. Hemeti is a conniving man and hopes to get away from everything. He hopes this transitional government can absolve him of his past. Clearly the power and office is ravaging his mind.

Hemeti must take people for fools, because the deal was dead on arrival. It is just like the new council doesn’t get it. They don’t have the support of the civilians and this is why the revolution continues. While Hemeti … wants it to look like they are part of it, which they are not. Peace.

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