Opinion: Hamdok will now be a useless fool for the TMC

Today, Abdalla Hamdok signed an agreement with Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. This agreement is only buying the new Sovereign Council time, which is a rejuvenated Transitional Military Council (TMC). Al-Burhan and Hemeti has gotten it all for very little. Just keeping him detained for a month and reinstating him with lofty promises.

Hamdok is now a pawn. His a tool of the machinery. There is now no difference between him and the warlords of Darfur, which also joined the council. They are all just a broad amount of leaders, which all will follow the program. It is not like they can or have the ability to challenge Al-Burhan or Hemeti. They are the ones leading it anyway. Whatever promises made, rest assured, they will not be kept.

Hamdok can act like this a victory since his salvaging something. He is regaining some sort of role and position. However, that is meaningless and pointless when his just there to a make belief. His the civilian excuse of a technocrat to this here enterprise now. Hamdok is distancing himself from the FFC and SPA. Who are both saying this agreement isn’t it and this negotiation wasn’t their. Meaning Hamdok did it all by himself and not in connection with the other civilian stakeholders.

The possible reinstated Prime Minister will be a nice slay-queen and maybe trick a few donors. Heck, he might save the reputation and give the government legitimacy towards the African Union and other bodies, of which the Sudanese government got suspended from post 25th October 2021 coup d’etat.

If Hamdok believes he stopped the bloodshed and the killings of the state. Well, people are dying and the numbers of dead since the coup is rising. He has traded himself and is now a stooge for the keizan. That is who he is and he betrayed the revolution. That is the mere reality of this.

Hamdok can claim he did this to secure “stability” but at what cost and price? Does he believe the men who made a second coup will not betray him again? Is he really that stupid and trusts these army commanders? If he does… he is a fool and he will loose everything for doing it.

At this very moment… Hamdok has lost allies and people who was beside him in the battle for a civilian government. Now, Hamdok have traded that away for a temporary solution. The Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) is getting the benefits and perks. While Hamdok has to eat all the vomit, which is served him from the army commanders. That is what Hamdok will do on a daily basis and call it a Michelin meal.

Hamdok has betrayed the revolution and the cause of which got him the office in the first place. He now is a renegade on his own. This is a choice he made and he now has to carry the consequences. His not a trustworthy fella, but yet another lackey of the army. Peace.

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