Malawi: Chakwera will not save anyone…

President Lazarus Chakwera will not be there to keep his promises or be able to make a difference. This man is busy being a globe-trotter and a vagabond. Chakwera is busy speaking at international conferences and making speeches to settle his legacy abroad. What is happening in Blantyre or Lilongwe can be dealt by someone else. Most likely one of his cabinet members who can fall on the sword for the lack of results.

President Chakwera came in with plenty and bountiful of promises. As a long time opposition leader and alliance to make a change. Alas, he allied himself with another party and got a majority. He secured the job and ability to rule. In that way end Mutharika and DPP reign in Malawi. The Tonse Alliance was born and he took charge.

However, Chakwera haven’t made the economy better, his government is a hot-bed for nepotism and there is no end in sight of bad-news. There is a debt-trap and inflation. Prices on basic commodities is surging, while he is busy travelling with a huge entourage to foreign destinations.

The President is blaming the predecessor, the bureaucracy or anyone else than himself. It is just like his powerless and without any favours. He makes it seem like everyone is stifling his moves and it’s a global issues. Even when the toll-gate prices is made by himself. The scandals and the corruption is still viable to this day. Chakwera’s government is just acting as the previous administration and he cannot run away from it.

Rising costs on fuel and food, while the unemployment rate isn’t ceasing either. The President and his cabinet isn’t making headway in any regard to the matters hand. They are showing of some pet projects and publicity stunts, but not changing the problems of the common man. Neither is the President reviewing or even trying to amend the mandate of the Presidency. Directly backtracking one of his promises in the Fresh Presidential Elections of 2020.

It is Chakwera and his government fault that the Malawian government isn’t meeting the standards of the IMF and Wold Bank. That is not the fault of the DPP. Yes, the DPP is responsible for their time in office, but now it’s been over a year and the Tonse Alliance could settle the difference and ensure they followed the guidelines. Alas, there is a lie here and the probe will only be a political ammunition and trying to shift blame to the predecessor, yet again!

When we see how Chakwera back-pedals and shifts blame constantly. Don’t expect him to do anything. The President will not do anything about these things. He to busy to be in the spotlight, cut some ribbons and cash his checks. The President got a grand salary and perks. He don’t need to do anything and if anything gets bottled by anyone. Chakwera can just settle it and sack them. If not have an inquiry or a probe into their malicious acts in office. They will be the fall-guys and the ones who didn’t follow the words of the Presidency. Therefore, he will always get cleared and someone else will carry the weight of him.

Chakwera is a clear snake-oil salesman, a well-funded pastor turned politician. He spoke for a living and he still does… but he don’t act upon the words his uttering out of his mouth. Peace.

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