Malawi: Kalindo organized an demo against the government

Demonstrations planned to take place today in Blantyre have been cancelled amid serious chaotic scenes that are still unfolding, police have confirmed. Deputy Southern Region Police spokesperson Edith Kachotsa said organisers of the demonstrations, led by Bon Kalindo, have decided to cancel the demonstrations after some disagreements amongst themselves. As we compile this, most of the places within Blantyre Business District is awash with teargas, reaching to places such as Protea Ryalls Hotel, Sunbird Mount Soche and surrounding banks. Kachotsa said police fired the teargas to prevent more violence” (Malawi Nation Online, 19.11.2021).

In Malawi there been made a commotion and a demonstration against the Tonse Alliance after United Transformation Movement (UTM) Youth Director Bon Kalindo challenged the UTM to fire him.

This is not the first time Kalindo gets himself into trouble. The MP have gotten into issues before and this is not new. The Tonse Alliance is speaking of a financial crisis, while the nepotism and corruption runs rampant.

Kalindo is a firebrand and a man who has done this before. He has insulted the predecessor Mutharika and now Chakwera. The man even spent time in jail for doing so. This time he got of the hook and stopped being a member of the party.

It has just been 48 hours since he stepped down.

Maybe he hurt the Tonse Alliance by saying this: “Malawians can no longer breathe and we have leaders who continue to justify unnecessary increases of basic commodities. We have leaders who have failed to address corruption even in their backyard and when we say these have to stop then we are accused of insulting the leaders” (Kalindo, 14.11.2021).

The politician are now using the public and the grievances, which isn’t new, but is becoming more dire. Kalindo just proves a point. We can wonder if he used the public as a decoy in this. As Chakwera’s government only shows no mercy to demonstrators. However, Kalindo has been behind bars for his political activity.

We can just wonder what is his end-game this time around. Kalindo isn’t a fool, but a unique sort of politician. He will use his platform and office to build his own career. Most likely his using the struggles of the people and youths to his own benefit now. As a Youth Director he could easily connect with the leaders and activists to get them quickly to the streets. Therefore, Kalindo used this now.

Yes, Chakwera and his government have to fix things, but his busy spending fortunes on foreign trips and taking huge entourages abroad. He cannot run away from this. Kalindo might use this and excuse his own actions.

The demonstration against the government is righteous. The public has a right to do it. However, trusting Kalindo now is a fools errand. Peace.

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