Opinion: PP have become PFDJ’s lackey

As their saying goes “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, their interference on others’ sovereign issues is with clear but rarely said intentions: intention to sell arms; intention to loot national wealth; intention to endorse ideology; intention to keep hegemonic status” (Prosperity Party, 17.11.2021).

At this very moment and time, the ones in power and appointees of the Addis Ababa regime. They are busy undermining anyone questioning their actions or resolve. Nobody is supposed to question or even say anything. They are interfering and acting with vicious ideas. They are helping terrorists and participating in the destruction of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. That is the common message in Ethiopia this days.

It doesn’t matter if it is administrators, mayors, ambassadors or anyone of prominence is all discrediting the United Nations, Humanitarian Organizations, Foreign Companies and everyone with a pulse, which isn’t directly part of the FDRE war effort. That is how things seems these days.

This is the voice and the rhetoric of the Prosperity Party. The party of which reforms and a grand future was bestowed on the FDRE. Nevertheless, by the messages of a “Survival Campaign” and going after anyone who isn’t part of the team.

The same party allows to violated by and work in-coordination with the Eritrean government. The People’s Front for Democracy and Justice has been a very close ally of the Prosperity Party. They have now served in the same war and sent soldiers to it. The PFDJ have sent agents, spies and other actors to work on the behest of the Addis Ababa regime. They are clearly scheming together and the PP isn’t saying anything about this.

They are just questioning the West and everyone who isn’t speaking like them. Since, the beginning of the war. The PP and the FDRE have tried to control the narratives and the spin of war. They have had own “Fact-Checking” programme, as well, as hoping everyone is just reprinting the stories of the government friendly presses. If you don¨t and you leak the wrong the data. You can expect to be arrested or suspended. Even making articles out of Facebook posts of government high-ranking officials can cost a journalist dearly. Therefore, there is no way to win as the goal-post always changes.

The PP and PFDJ are bedfellows. Abiy and Afewerki is the creators of this. The PP wants to follow suit and be as vigilantly towards the rest of world. However, doing that costs and it has consequences. You can scream about being sovereign, but the same government pleaded to save AGOA. The same government is now asking to save Eritrea from further sanctions of the U.S. Treasury. While they are lucky… themselves are not caught up in the targeted sanctions.

The PP is accepting the interference of PFDJ and get violated on the daily by their soldiers. That is what they have done over the last year. There is clear reports and indications of what they have been up-to. It’s not just hearsay at this point. We don’t know the full scale of it, but it is despicable and genocidal. Therefore, the ones who was participating in this has to be held accountable. Their time is coming and we can wonder… when and what point of time it will be. Most likely will be when the pendulum of power has changed.

So, I cannot take it serious when PP speaks of being sovereign and of interference. They have had enough interference and gotten foreign support of their warfare since November 2020. The PP can act different, but that’s insincere and a lie. We know what you did and when the smoke dies down. When the documents leaks and the stories gets told. We will know what went down, as you imported, hired mechanics and whatnot to win. We just know about some drones and minor details. However, most likely the PP have tried to get whatever it could to have an advantage in the war. That’s why at one point, the FDRE was asked to hire army brigades from South Sudan. Therefore, PP needs to revaluate itself and only the fools eats these messages as facts. Peace.

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