Sudan: Central Committee Of Sudan Doctors (CCSD) – Updated Report about injuries and deaths on October 30th demonstrations (31.10.2021)

– Two martyrs in Omdurman Hospital, and a third in the Al-Arbaeen Hospital in Omdurman, bringing the total number of deaths documented to us to 11 since the 25th of October, (the day of the Military Coup carried out by the Military Council)


Stop sign Khartoum State:

Omdurman Hospital:

– A total of 28 different injuries:

– 4 serious injuries (3 gunshots + 1 car run-over)

– 2 fracture injuries.

– 22 cases of suffocation and minor wounds; (have been treated).

Al-arbaeen Hospital:

– A total of 23 separate injuries:

– 3 cases of serious injuries; (presently being treated).

– 20 cases of suffocation and light wounds; (have been treated).

East Nile Hospital:

A total of 105 multiple injuries in East Nile District :

– 6 injuries, including some critical:

1- Paralysis as a result of hard hitting on the neck by bottom of firearms.

2-Two gunshot wounds at the back, resulting in paralysis.

3-Two open fractures.

4- two bullet wounds in chest and limbs.

5-A total of 89 cases as of suffocation and other light wounds resulting from tear gas ; (presently being treated).

Stop sign Gedaref State:

-A total of 8 injuries:

-Including a head injury by hitting with batons and the bottom of a gun.

– Run over with a Thatcher car, which was transferred to Wad Madani Hospital after the condition deteriorated.

-A fracture of the hand bone as a result of being hit with a stick by the Janjaweed forces.

– 5 cases as a result of suffocation from tear gas,and light wounds; (had been treated).

Stop sign Kassala State:

– One injury resulting from beatings; (has been treated, and the condition is stable).

Stop sign The Committee shall continue providing you with regular updates on all the cases and casualties once they are reported and confirmed.

CCSD’s Media Office

October 31, 2021

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