Opinion: I want whatever Ned Price is smoking

The United States is gravely concerned by the expansion of combat in northern Ethiopia. We reiterate our call for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to withdraw from the Amhara and Afar regions, including halting its advances in and around the cities of Dessie and Kombolcha. We urge the TPLF not to use artillery against cities and recall our strong objections to the ENDF airstrikes in Mekelle and other areas of Tigray which have cost countless lives. There is no military solution to this conflict, and all parties must begin ceasefire negotiations without preconditions” (U.S. State Department Spokesperson Ned Price – ‘Expansion of Combat Operation in Northern Ethiopia’ 30.10.2021).

The United States have to condemn and set the record straight. That is what happened here… but with doing so. They are stopping the ones and saying the ones who are fighting for survival to drop their weapons. The U.S. is telling the army and allies who is fighting against “génocidaires” and the ethnic cleansing in their home region of the Tigrayan region. Alas, it is justified war, as children, families and everyone there is touched by the siege, blockage and lack of humanitarian assistance. The man-made famine and weaponized starvation in the midst of air-strikes should say everything about their cause.

Now, Ned Price and the U.S. State Department says: “slow down and take it easy. It is time to talk now and let bygones be bygones”. Well, I hate to say it too you. But shouldn’t the same be said to the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and the whole Tripartite Alliance as well? Alas, they have used means of which could be deemed as crimes against humanity. These forces has destroyed heritage sites, raped woman, burned villages, destroyed factories, schools and hospitals. The Tripartite Alliance has been behind countless of massacres and at that point. The U.S. state didn’t say these words or in such a manner.

The Tigray Defence Force is just supposed to follow the words of T.I.:

No more stray now I’m straight,

Now I get it now I take time to think before I make mistakes just for my

family sake,

That part of me left yesterday

The heart of me is strong today,

No regrets I’m blessed to say the old me dead and gone away” – T.I. on ‘Dead and Gone’ (2008).

To be straight myself. The ending of the U.S. Statement is a joke, as they target the TDF who has respected the “Prisoners of War” in this warfare. While the ENDF and the authorities has extra judicially killed them. That is the vast difference. The authorities have detained and arrested civilians for being an ethnic group and it just happens to be Tigrayan.

That’s why it’s weird Ned Price had to write this: “We reiterate our call for all parties to protect civilians and end human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law. Those responsible for such abuses and violations must be held accountable” (U.S. State Department Spokesperson Ned Price – ‘Expansion of Combat Operation in Northern Ethiopia’ 30.10.2021).

This is implying that the TDF and such also have to follow these standards. By what has been reported during this war. The TDF haven’t been an achiever in this manner. No, it is the Tripartite Alliance and the ENDF who has targeted civilians and used all means to win the war. Therefore, this statement could have been uttered directly towards them. This is really trying to implicate the TDF and its allies as they are advancing.

We know the Ethiopian state and authorities have projected their crimes upon its enemy. That has been done since day one of the conflict and the recent days isn’t anything new. It is only the naive who believes all of this. Yes, there is no innocent party in a war. Yes, there are devastation and destruction during wars. However, the strongest party and the ones with the resources are the ENDF and it’s allies. They can air-strike and use drones, which hits civilian targets and other public areas killing innocent civilians. While the state can later claim it’s an “arms factory” or “terrorist location”. Nevertheless, the dead cannot speak and secondly, the proofs isn’t validated by the claims of the state. This is why you have to take that with a little bit of scepticism.

So, if the U.S. State Department wants to be sincere. They should look into the facts of the matter. The State Department is crying wolf as the TDF is advancing. The TDF have had no other choice, as the Abiy government wouldn’t have helped the Tigray Region if they stayed on the borders of the region. No, he would have starved them… just like he does now. It would have been no difference. Abiy and allies have blocked the Tigray region for a long time before the November 2020. This shouldn’t be forgotten and it planned ahead of the attack on the Northern Command too. So, the U.S. Department of State should take some more information into consideration.

Yes, the TDF going into the Afar and Amhara region was a needed enterprise. They did it because the Tripartite Alliance gave the TDF no other choice. Why should the TDF just stay put after the Tripartite Alliance have violated their region for months? Because for the state, the war was fine and a smooth operation when they did their crimes in Tigray region. However, now people are crying wolf when the TDF has entered the others. Why shouldn’t they? Instead of just being defence, why not go offence?

So, this crying wolf will do no good and will not create peace. It is just like the U.S. State Department didn’t see how the Tripartite Alliance did their “fake ceasefire” when they were forced to withdraw from parts of the Tigray Region in June 2021. Therefore, if the U.S. State Department is sincere… they should remember that as well. However, that is too much to ask apparently. Peace.

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