Sudan: Sudanese Professional Association – Press Statement (27.10.2021)

The coup of the Military Council on October 25 is another episode in the history of its coups on April 11 and June 3, 2019, and we will work with the rebellious forces of our people to be the last.

The second wave of the victorious December revolution is now wasting to uproot the remnants of the Salvation, represented by its security committee, there is no room for any political settlement to save the partnership or keep the military council in power.

We will work with our people to establish a new constitutional status that establishes a purely civilian transitional authority in which the armed forces perform their role and duty to protect the homeland and the constitution without exercising governance.

Our people are fighting survival battles in the face of the brutality and violence of the putschists, but they will win them with patience and exhaustion of the enemy, who has lost any project or value. We must adhere to the peacefulness of the resistance and the diversity of its tactics without recklessness exacerbating losses or accelerating the results. Victory is tied to the brigade of our people and the putschists will be crushed.

With the centrality of the struggles of our people and its mass organizations, we call on the international community to align itself with the will of the people and the democratic civil transition and to take decisive stances and steps against the putschists, their brutality and their flagrant violations of the right of our people to justice, freedom and a decent life.

October 27, 2021

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