Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement (28.10.2021)

Our proud people…..

In the Sudanese Congress Party, we express our appreciation for the support that has continued from the international community to condemn the coup, which targets the aspirations and hopes of the Sudanese people for a democratic transition, freedom, peace and justice.

We also affirm that these positions in order to preserve the sovereignty, unity and security of the Sudanese people, along with support for the transitional government institutions, find us full of praise and gratitude.

While we commend the positions of the international community for its stance with the Sudanese people, and its choices in civil governance and democracy.

We call upon them not to be satisfied with denunciation and condemnation, and the necessity of besieging the President of the Sovereignty Council, who conspired in terror and aggression with the forces of darkness and evil, and his assistants from the Rapid Support Militia, against the will of the Sudanese people, and all those who participated with them in this betrayal, to expose and expose all those who conspired with them, and those who supported them wherever they were to return from their positions hostile to the will of the Sudanese people.

Or that they all bear the consequences of their actions, which they committed and participated in, in a precedent against which the crimes of terrorism, war crimes, and crimes against humanity are humbled. Against the unarmed, against the prime minister, the constitutionalists, the chief executives and the politicians of the state. And all the detainees are in the biggest violation of the constitutional document, and of local and international laws.

While we condemn and resist this coup, Certain of the victory of the Sudanese people, we point out the shameful stances of some countries; And we send our message to everyone who supports this coup and supports it politically or financially, or who silently blesses it. That they must immediately retract their support for the coup; To avoid an international catastrophe that threatens the stability of the country and the region and threatens international peace and security; And that they are thus placing their countries in the category of tyrannical, dictatorial regimes that must be exposed worldwide; We are with the masses of our people who are now in the streets.

Calciol squanders and carries out her strike and total civil disobedience; preparing for the October 30 parade to restore civilian rule; We will resist this coup by making moves on the ground with them so that these thieves from the thieves of homeland know that they are now being pursued by our proud and great people and from the countries of the free and democratic world.

We also send our message to the UN Security Council and the United Nations with all its members to end this military coup immediately; restoring the authority of the state to the people to complete its transition to democracy; and national building tasks. We also urge them to pressure the putschists to immediately and unconditionally release the detainees.

And take the necessary – urgently – to stop any acts of violence committed by the security forces, the rapid support militias and the army against the will of the Sudanese people and their right to freedom, democracy and a decent life.

Glory to the martyrs

Long live the glorious December revolution

And the Sudanese people lived free and proud

October 28, 2021

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