Opinion: Whatever Al-Burhan is selling… I am not buying it…

We are here to pave the way for the state institutions and unity and we are hoping that no political party in future will undermine our civil peace”Al-Burhan (26.10.2021).

I don’t believe a man Lieutenant General Al-Burhan, the Sudanese Armed Forces General who served for several of years under former President Al-Bashir. No, I don’t eat his words and believes them. It is so conning of him to do this coup d’etat now. Just a month ahead of scheduled before the civilians would take more control of the Transitional Sovereign Council. Alas, he never intended to give away the power bestowed upon him.

Al-Burhan is an entitled man. He is a man who expects respect and honour now. The sort of fashionable big-man. An army commander who wants people to listen to his authority and be obliged to his decrees. However, it couldn’t be further from the case.

The second coup d’etat and the second time trying to hijack the revolution will not pay-off. The arrests of the signatories of the Juba Declaration. The leaders of Civil Society and the Unions will not salvage the case. The supposed house-arrest of Prime Minister Hamdok will do him no good either.

Calling this a “modification” of the transition is a lie. That several of people have already died for and scores have injured. While live-bullets, heavy weaponry and assaults on civilians has caused harm. The army wants to rule in fear and terror. Why should these gentlemen rule? When they cannot even be civil about it? There is no humility and grace about them. Only the size of the guns and the supposed pecker who probably is working too.

We know the authorities under Al-Burhan has no pride or justification for the power-grab. When the soldiers are raiding and assaulting students on campus in Khartoum. There is no honour in this, but only ceasing all power. That’s why people are kidnapped and detained at unknown locations. This because, the general knows their role and their place in society. He needs to silence the voices of the revolution and the ones who inspire the masses. Alas, the ones who was on the streets was there just two years ago and can easily remind the general why they went there in the first place. It was not to anoint him, but to get a civilian government.

Al-Burhan is not a civilian and not the pontiff who everyone is supposed to look up to and learn their lessons from. No, he was custodian and a temporary one until the proposed general election. Al-Burhan did this the first time with the Transitional Military Council (TMC) after Al-Bashir and now he ends the Sovereign Council too. Where there was some civilian cabinet and measurements for a transition from him to civilian leaders. Alas, he “modified” that to takeover everything.

This only means that he wants “Yes Men” and “empty suits” who fits his agenda and his objectives. Where the “chain of command” is respected and honoured. As he couldn’t stomach the tensions and the negotiations with the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC).

Singling a group to seize the transitional phase has become a threat to the unity of Sudan. The army has dealt with some crises that the government has failed and neglected. We have taken this position to restore the luster to the Sudanese people’s revolution” – Al-Burhan (26.10.2021).

We know his trying to sell a story, but I am not buying it. Not a single bit. As this is stifling the already shaky transition, which was in-effect. Where the TMC and the army commanders already had to much power. Now, Al-Burhan has ceased it all by use of arms, yet again. He thinks he can get away with it too. This man holds no grudges and no concerns. Right now it seems like he plans to whether the storm.

Hopefully, the calls for civil disobedience and act upon the revolution. It seems like those calls are answered. Al-Burhan cannot contain this forever. Neither can he arrest everyone. His troops cannot assault everyone and silence thousands-upon-thousands. That is a train that’s coming his way. Peace.

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