Sudan: Sudanese Professional Association – Peaceful resistance is our way to defeat the coup tyrants (26.10.2021)

We have mercy on the souls of four martyrs of the Sudanese people who were assassinated by the brutality and bullets of the putschists, and we call for a speedy recovery for the dozens of wounded and injured in our people’s battle for freedom and human dignity.

The response of the masses of the Sudanese people to the nonsense of Al-Burhan and his companions from the coup tyrants was urgent and decisive. The revolution is a people’s revolution and the authority is its authority. The barbarism and terror of a group of mercenaries and adventurers will not control their fate.

The goals are clear and obvious:

Full civil national governance, independence of political and economic decision, and the establishment of a state of citizenship, freedom, peace and justice.

We call on the masses of our steadfast people, foremost of which are the neighbourhood resistance committees, and the union, demand and popular revolutionary forces in all parts of Sudan to continue confronting the military coup.

Using the proven tools of nonviolent resistance in the general political strike and #العصيان_المدني_الشامل And open until the defeat of the putschists.

– Closing all roads with barricades to protect the revolutionaries, while avoiding clashing with the rabid forces of the putschists, in order to save lives.

Work strike.

Managing processions inside neighbourhoods

Solidarity and provision of consumer and medical needs to needy families, “You have a sister, you don’t have a scarf”

To inspire fear, nightmares and betrayal

And we came in the morning.

26th October 2021

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