Sudan: Al-Burhan and Hemiti coup d’etat [updates!]

Today, it’s official that the Transitional Military Council (TMC) took over. They are using force. The Rapid Support Force (RSF), the Janjaweed is involved in the coup d’etat together with the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF). Everyone is using their power. While the civilian parts of government is either house-arrested, taking hostage or detained. Therefore, the army commanders are taking all power.

There some updates, but only reported 4 dead. While over 80 people injured is reported at the Royal Care Hospital. While we don’t know nationally or total numbers. The internet is blocked and phone-lines are jammed. The international airport in Khartoum is seized-off as well. The Sovereign Council, as we knew it is history. As the President Al-Burhan has taken all power and decided to later appoint his own technocrats in cabinet.

There is also reports that the Minawi and Jebrel is participating in the weapons against the general public. This shows that the peace-deal between the rebels and the state is working, but the rebels are not fighting for democracy… that is clear and they have no issues using force against unarmed civilians.

Sudan Central Doctors Committee: Military forces affiliated with the military coup prevent the Central Blood Bank employees from carrying out their work preparing blood for the injured. The methods of dictatorships are one and their fate is one and inevitable” (Sudan Central Doctors Committee, 25.10.2021).

Rapid Support Forces use (12.7) anti-aircraft machine guns “Dushka” against defenseless citizens in the Berri Nasser area and brutal repression in the vicinity of Airport Street” (Girifna, 25.10.2021).

There are thousands of people on the streets. As well, as the military using all means to silence the crowds. The general public isn’t in favour of the military government. The FFC and it’s partners has called for civil disobedience and huge protests. The people have answered this call.

The public have put up road-blocks, while the army have tried to destroy them and with violent means. Meanwhile the general public have reacted. They was before the coup d’etat today on the streets. Therefore, the army and military commander could anticipate this. The same army commanders that hijacked the previous revolution.

General Al-Burhan and General Hemiti tries to silence everyone. Either by the guns or by the control of communication. The generals hope they can survive the condemnations and the international community crocodile tears. So, that they can enjoy the spoils … and not have the civilian leaders questioning them. That’s why they got rid of them today and announced “state of emergency” just to give Al-Burhan more power as well. Peace.

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