Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) – A call for mass civil disobedience (25.10.2021)

With Al-Burhan announcing today the outright coup against power, and his arrests of the prime minister and his staff, and civilian members of the Sovereignty Council, and the cancellation of a number of articles of the constitutional document, Al-Burhan brought the country back to the stage of the Transitional Military Council and before the agreement with civilians, and the formation of the transitional government.

With this, the proof confirms his confusion and his reading of the ancient history book, and that he leads the army of the homeland and the people against his will, and he falls into a fatal mistake that will lead him and his remnants to the dustbin of history, not regretting them.

We, in the Forces of Freedom and Change, reject the coup altogether and in detail, and we call on the steadfast masses of the people to go out to the streets, in order to preserve their revolution and to continue the peaceful initiative that has been its title since its launch on December 18, 2018. We call on all Sudanese around the world to go to the parliaments and ministries of foreign affairs in the countries in which they reside, to demonstrate and pressure not to recognize and reject it.

We also call on the Ethiopian President, the President of the Government of South Sudan, the African Union, the League of Arab States and the international community to declare their explicit rejection of this coup d’état and not to recognize it.

With this, we declare a state of comprehensive civil disobedience in all state facilities, and throughout the country until the following demands are fully achieved

1- The release of all detainees from the Council of Ministers and the Sovereignty Council, who are no longer authorized to negotiate with the Military Council, after the matter and decision returned to the people who filled the streets to recover their revolution.

2- All members of the Transitional Military Council step down and hand over power to the civilian government. The people fought and sacrificed martyrs for it

3- The people are the source of authority and only they have the right to delegate it to whomever they want. It is he who will determine who deserves this authorization.

Central Leadership Council for Freedom and Change

October 25, 2020 AD

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