Sudan: The TMC is having their military coup in Khartoum today

This was most likely planned at night by the military commanders within the Sovereign Council. The army commanders have grown tired of the civilian participation in the transitional government and wanted them gone. The Forces of the Freedom and Change Declaration (FFC) have pushed and pushed, and now the army is taking their power.

We shouldn’t be shocked by this, as the President Abdel-Fatah al-Burhan Abdel-Rahman and Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemiti who could easily be behind it all. Though there been some speculations that the Rapid Support Force (RSF) haven’t supported this and there are possible ramification of the leadership there as well. If that is so… than Hemiti might not even be involved this time, but the other army commanders with loyalty towards Al-Burhan are. That wouldn’t be shocking either. I would still take those speculations with a grain of salt, as this would amass more power to Hemiti and his RSF/Janjaweed of Darfur.

There are coming reports that the civilian ministers are fearing for their arrests as the Prime Minister Hamdok is kept hostage at unknown location. While rebel leaders Al-Tabet Hajar and El-Hadi Idriss who was signatory to the Juba Declaration has also been detained today.

The Ministry of Justice Nasredeen Abdulbari have declared the unfolding events as a military coup and that is evident by the approach and the means of which the state actors are using.

President Al-Burhan have used all of this to declare “State of Emergency” as the citizens are going out on the streets to protest the regime move. The FFC and Sudanese Professional Association (SPA) have called for civil disobedience and revolt against the move.

The men of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) is back at it again and think they can get away with it. He has dissolved the Sovereign Council and the Empowerment Removal Committee. The cabinet is also dissolved as well, meaning the civilian participating in the Sovereign Council is now ousted out of office.

The phones and internet are disconnected as well. The airport is Khartoum is ceased as well. So, there is proof of the plan and how they wanted to take all control of the affairs. Where he will be in power and have his puppets on a sting ahead of a general election in 2023. As the President has informed of appointing his own technocratic government.

Al-Burhan thinks he has the sovereign rights to control it all. There is no difference between this man and the Al-Bashir. It is his henchmen who thinks his obliged to rule supreme as well. This is happening as the FFC and others wants answers and accountability for the martyrs of the recent revolution in 2018 and 2019. When scores of extra judicial killings happened, and nobody have been charged for it. Just like today, when 12 people have lost their lives in Khartoum as well.

This is a military coup and Al-Burhan is behind it. As he has announced it to everyone and initiated it. The FFC was to naïve and went to early into agreement with the TMC in the last round and now they have paid the price for that. Thinking these old men and their gunslingers would change for the better. Which today is proven, that they never did. Peace.

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