Eswatini: The Sibaya is announced to buy “time”

That King Mswati III and his appointed government have announced another round of Sibaya will not get the Kingdom anywhere. Last time he was just flexing his power and appointing a new friendly face as the Prime Minister. Why would it be any change now?

Now that the government is closing schools, blocking social media sites and arresting pupils. The state is killing civilians participating in demonstrations and using police brutality to silence it all. The state is showing its sinister side and the King is vouching for it.

The King will not bring dialogue. When he arrests the ones who is in his way. When he takes down the MPs who is for Pro-Democracy. The political parties and civil society won’t be really represented. It will only be a publicity stunt and he will show his arrogance yet again.

The King haven’t changed since the last Sibaya. He did the same thing last time and there will be no reason to believe otherwise. The dead in the streets and the injured recently is a proof of this. The tear-gas, live-bullets and violent oppression is a proof of that.

This is why the Sibaya is a flawed and useless mechanism. Especially, when the absolute monarch … is not willing budge or give way. To give away power and reforms will cost him. However, the citizens doesn’t owe him anything and the King got blood on his hands. The dead that was ordered on his watch. These souls deserves justice and they should answered for. As a citizens cannot kill, steal or do anything criminal without meeting the law. The same law should be applied to the King and his acts as a monarch. However, at this very stage of time… he will linger on and use the office he has. He will not risk anything and he rather destroy his enemies. Than actually speak to them.

The King will not come with dialogue now. That will only be done to silence SADC and International Community. So, that they cannot forget these acts and move on to the next crisis elsewhere. Therefore, the Sibaya is just to buy time. He will not propose or do anything sincere.

No, that he should have done the last time around. However, he didn’t care and the dead from that time has still not gotten justice. There are new lives taken for the same cause. Because, the King isn’t willing to do the right thing. The King doesn’t have a heart or ability to comprehend this. At one point he could have become a hero. The man who issued or decreed democracy, but instead he wanted to be supreme and absolute monarch.

That will be his downfall. The revolution is brewing and not slowing down. The Kingdom is in crisis. Because, everyone is supposed to bow the knee for one man. However, the public isn’t agreeing with that. This is why he tries to buy time, but don’t believe it. It is insincere and not just. He is trying to fool the world yet again. Peace.

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