Ethiopia: ENDF Air Force hit civilian targets in air-strikes over Mekelle

The Ethiopian government conducted two airstrikes on Mekelle today injuring dozens of civilians and killing three. Two rounds of airstrikes on the city of Mekelle today has killed three innocent civilians and injured dozens. The first attack took place at around 9:00 AM landing in a small village in the outskirt of Mekelle; killing three innocent civilians and injuring dozens, according to reports from Ayder Hospital. The second attack was conducted on Adi Haki Market, in the center of the capital, and has so far confirmed the injury of one civilian” (Tigray TV Facebook Page, 18.10.2021).

The Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) have verified with a statement from the FRDE Air Force that they did air-strikes over Mekelle today. Which have even been stated by government friendly news-site Borkena who states: Ethiopian sources on social media, however, indicate that the targets were military training facilities in the outskirts of Mekelle near Mesobe Cement Factory and a military target near Planet Hotel. The Ethiopian Defense Force has not released any statement at this writing” ( – ‘Ethiopian Air Force reportedly attacked military targets in Mekelle’ 18.10.2021).

What we are seeing is that the sources from ENA and Borkena differs with the Tigray TV statement. Therefore, you can wonder if the Federal Government wanting to make the air-strikes less fatal or damage of civilians. In the ENA statement, they claim to have not have hit innocent civilians or civilian targets, alas the Planet Hotel and the Adi Haki Market is that. Therefore, the state is lying with that.

This here proves what the state does and how it implicates things. They claim other sources are “fake” or “lying” but they are not telling the truth either. That’s why the reports are differing. The state says it hit military and terrorist targets, while all other media says it hit civilian ones. Which means the state isn’t telling the whole story. They have lied about everything else in this conflict. So, why should I trust them now?

Planet Hotel have been used by the United Nations Organizations and this happens after the Prime Minister have claimed all “wheat aid” is the source to all the problems of the Republic. Really fitting that he hits the place of which the UN organizes itself in the region of late. The state would know this since they vetting the UN and monitor the Humanitarian organizations operating there. We know they do that and is blocking everything into the region too.

Therefore, this is a continuation. This is done with the ‘final’ offensive is done against the Tigray Defence Force on the fronts in Amhara and Afar region. Alas, this is done to hurt their cause and spirit, maybe even try to force a retreat, which most likely will never happen. The Tripartite Alliance doesn’t have the manpower or the strategic foresight to make that happen. If they did….

Then the conflict wouldn’t have lasted this long and been so deadly for the Federal Government armies and Special Forces, which have been depleted over the last few months. This air-strike is just ensure more suffering on the Tigray region and hit it’s capital. They used this air-strike at civilian targets and this is the second market the ENDF Air Force have hit just during this calendar year. Peace.

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