Ethiopia: A Fresh OCHA Report – 5.2 million people in need in the Tigray region

The warfare that has continued since early November 2020 doesn’t stop. As the Tripartite Alliance is attacking the Frontline in Amhara and Afar regions. The Tigray region has been besieged and been under a blockade for about 11 months now. The humanitarian assistance have been close to nothing. The state have made it nearly impossible to reach. Convoys has been blocked and not allowed to enter. This being from the United Nations Organizations and other Humanitarian Organizations as well. Therefore, the OCHA report states very tragic situation and dire needs in the Tigray region.

OCHA reports this:

Some 211 trucks of humanitarian supplies arrived in Tigray last week, up from 80 trucks a week before. Although an improvement, this is still insufficient to meet the needs” (…) “More than 145,000 people received food aid in Tigray (30 September-6 October). Some 870,000 people need to be reached per week to serve 5.2 million people in a six-week cycle” (OCHA, 14.10.2021).

What is positive is that there is coming more trucks in, but it’s still far from enough. That shows that the humanitarian assistance is going to slow and never at the levels of the actual needs. This is deliberate from the state who blocks access. There should an outcry when there is over 5 million in needs. In an area, which has a man-made famine and starvation. Where people are dying daily of lack of nutrition and food.

In Tigray, the humanitarian situation continues to be increasingly dire, as the delivery of humanitarian supplies into the region is still heavily restricted via the only route through Afar (Semera-Abala-Mekelle). Checkpoints are in place along the routes many of which conduct thorough searches of the trucks, significantly delaying cargo movements” (OCHA, 14.10.2021).

Here we are seeing what the government does and what implications it has. This should be spoken out vividly, as long as the continued conflict prolongs. It shouldn’t be this hard, but proves what the state is willing to do.

The conflict continues to affect civilians in Afar and Amhara regions, leading to displacement, disruption of livelihoods and increased food insecurity. In Amhara, hostilities have led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in North Gonder, Central Gonder, South Wello, South Gonder, and Awi Zones. In Afar, it is also estimated that hundreds of thousands of people are directly affected by the conflict, including many tens of thousands displaced. Assistance is urgently needed to these areas and humanitarian partners are scaling up the humanitarian response in support of the regional authority-led responses” (OCHA, 14.10.2021).

Here we are seeing the concern of the spiralling conflict, which is now in Amhara and Afar. The Tripartite Alliance is attacking the Tigray Defence Force there. As the ‘Final’ offensive is happening. This will affect further regions and their stability. It will also cause the more need for humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia. Which reflects the current status in general.

And you know things are bad in Tigray, when things are stated like this:

According to the latest food security analysis, over 400,000 people are suffering from catastrophic hunger levels (IPC 5) and more than 4 million people – 70 per cent of the population – are experiencing high levels of acute food insecurity (IPC 3 or above)” (OCHA, 14.10.2021).

A proof that it’s not made up or fake like plenty of supporters of the Prosperity Party claims. These sort of statement proves the starvation, famine and lack of food is dire. There is no time to wait.

As it states further:

Food prices skyrocketed in the private markets accompanied with significantly reduced purchasing power among vulnerable households. Civil servants are not receiving salaries and remittances are halted. Humanitarian supplies have been sporadic and insufficient” (OCHA, 14.10.2021).

We are just seeing further problems and nothing is getting solved. It is signs of depressing news. There really very little to be hopeful about. Since the state is acting like it is and the lack of willingness to cooperate with the humanitarian organizations in the Republic. It is endangering more lives and people are dying as a cause of it. This is deliberate actions and the world shouldn’t look idly by. It is 5.2 millions who needs help and the Prosperity Party don’t care. Peace.

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