Opinion: Chamisa is the ‘enemy of the state’

The last few days proves what we already knew that Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance) leader Nelson Chamisa is a target of the state. We know the MDC-Alliance have been aimed at and the state has given it’s powers to the MDC-T and Douglas Mwonzora. However, we know the state and Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) fears Chamisa. That is very clear and it’s transparent now.

We know the attack on the convoy of the MDC-Alliance is a clear indication of what they are willing to do. The state will block his access to towns, villages and regions. Sooner or later, the the state will again use COVID-19 to create new decrees of “lockdown” to stop his campaigning. That should be expected and on the horizon, as crowds and people are gathering around his convoy. It will be deliberate and clear, because the puppets of the state cannot do the same.

Chamisa is the one who forces things to be talked about. That’s why his convoy was targeted in Masvingo. You know the state is in chaos when they are barring people from having their shops open. As the convoy of Chamisa was passing by.

You know it is bad, when Chinamasa says this:

Information l have is that the villagers did not want to be addressed by him for obvious reasons. If you listen to a mad man, you become part of his cast. You will be portrayed as part of his cast. You will go ahead claiming to support which is not there. So our supporters have a right to say no to him. The opposition leaders should be strongly advised not to impose themselves on anybody. We are going to issue a circular” (Ann Chibamu – ‘Zanu PF Defends Chamisa Attackers, Says He Provoked Them’ 13.10.2021, New Zimbabwe).

We know the ZANU-PF and the authorities was prepared for Chamisa to come to Masvingo. Where they attacked his convoy. He was not imposing himself there, but passing the area. So, this is misinformation. They we’re sitting on the roadside awaiting for the convoy to come.

This sort of action just proves their planned efforts and what they are willing to do. The state wanted to attack his convoy and stop his campaigning in Masvingo. That is very clear. We knew the state isn’t in favour or have any concern for the MDC-Alliance. As the authorities together with violent crowds are willing to endanger the convoy. That is very clear now.

As long as Chamisa and his team campaigns… they will get into trouble, because the state has decided to do this. The ZANU-PF run government is frighten by the message of Chamisa. He strikes a cord with people, which the ZANU-PF isn’t able too. If they were and had the ability too. They wouldn’t need to do this.

It is clear that Nelson Chamisa have become the ‘enemy of the state’. Sooner or later, if he does something brave. Expect him to be charged of treason at some point. That wouldn’t shock me, but for some “transgression” or just being popular. The way and the manner the acts towards Chamisa. It is only inevitable. Yes, it is tragic, but the way things are moving. We shouldn’t expect anything less at this point. Peace.

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