Ethiopia: Ezema proves its alliance with Prosperity Party

If people still believes Berhanu Nega and the Ezema Party is an opposition Party. I hate to say it too you, but the latest statement defending the ‘Final’ offensive on the Tigray Defense Force (TDF) frontline around Gondar, Dessie or in North Wollo. The Tripartite Alliance has started their offensive in combination on all fronts. Using air-strikes and drones to get advances.

Ezema dropping this statement and being a Minister in the Cabinet. Shows how they are an ally. The Ezema is blaming the TDF and TPLF like the government does for the loss of civilian lives. While not taking into recognition, that the Tripartite Alliance are using air-strikes and that possibly hits civilian targets, which isn’t where the TDF was.

Like Ezema statement says this: “We have lost many members of the zonal administration saying, “We are under control.” The government has repeatedly called for an immediate end to hostilities, but no action has been taken. The area has been closed due to the closure of the roads by the militants due to the closure of the roads with neighboring woredas. Children who hear gunshots are terrified” (Ezema – ‘Attention needs to stop the attacks on innocent people in and around the East!’ 12.10.2021).

Yes, civil-war is an bloody affair. The army and the TDF is responsible for their actions. The Tripartite Alliance is the doing the offensive and using all means to target TDF. Therefore, they are the ones who is trying to send TDF packing out of the areas it has invaded in Amhara and Afar region. Which they did to have the battlefields outside of Tigray and hoping it could help the humanitarian convoys to be able to enter the region. Which the state haven’t done or cared about.

What is striking is that the Ezema feels sorry for the kids at the frontline, but haven’t dropped a statement in concern of the man-made famine or starvation within the Tigray Region. Only in concerned with the Amhara people who is suffering now. Which is tragic and concerning too. As they are innocent people. Just like the innocent people dying and starving within the Tigray region. The kids there also felt the sounds of the terrifying weapons, but the Ezema wasn’t worried about that. We should be worried about that everywhere.

According to information received from the scene, the federal security forces in the area were unable to rescue the civilians due to their small numbers. We find that the frequency and consistency of the attacks indicate that the government has not paid enough attention to the issue” (Ezema – ‘Attention needs to stop the attacks on innocent people in and around the East!’ 12.10.2021).

Here we see the people of Amhara matters, but the people of Tigray doesn’t. Because, the Federal Government is supposed to save them, but not the others. If so, why didn’t Ezema spend time on them? Alas, the Ezema defended and wanted the Eritrean army inside Tigray region. Because, that would save the cause of Ezema and the Prosperity Party. So, now the Tripartite Alliance is listening and doing their ‘Final’ offensive in the same area.

We urge the regional government and the Federal Police Commission to explain why it has not been possible to stop the recurring attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice. Ezema urges that a lasting solution be found so that they can continue their daily lives. We also call for clear and up-to-date information on the steps to be taken” (Ezema – ‘Attention needs to stop the attacks on innocent people in and around the East!’ 12.10.2021).

Here Ezema is defending the ‘Final’ offensive, as that will hopefully be the solution to the TDF invasion here. Alas, the state is the ones that air-strikes and uses drones as well. This is not the way TDF operates. Therefore, the innocent is in the cross-fire, because the Tripartite Alliance sends the army in this way. Still with all of that manpower and soldiers on the ground. The state is not able to save the civilians. That is really defeatist.

Ezema proves its loyalty and fights for the cause of government. Peace.

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