Eswatini: The King who has ordered the police and the army to silence school-protests

In the Kingdom of Eswatini where the absolute monarch, King Mswati III controls everything and appoints anyone he sees fit. The King decides and orders. He can decide if people lives or dies. That is the mere reality of the situation in the Kingdom. It isn’t a myth or a relic of a medieval kingdom in our age. However, that is the mere truth of what is going on.

Today in over 50 schools across the Kingdom there been protests for the Two Pro-Democracy Members of Parliament who is currently detained. They want these two released. As they are fighting for their rights and ability to vote in their leaders. Since, at this very time the King appoints everyone and its all technocrats.

At some schools the army came with live-bullets where the pupils had to run away from schools in question. There is even reports of one deceased. However, that might quickly rise, as the situation is unclear. In other schools, the pupils have gone into hiding in the bushes as they are hiding from the police officers hunting after them. There been reports that the police officers has assaulted pupils who was protesting at some schools too. Therefore, it is a lot of police brutality as well.

It is tragic that state answer with violence against pupils and students. They are using live-bullets, harassment and assaults to silence the protest. It is tragic. That the King is willing to do this. The blood will be on his hands and this is nothing new. He is responsible and the ones that takes charge. This is done while his the absolute monarch and he has the power to shut it down if he cared.

We will know more, as the information leaks, videos and such from the Kingdom. For now, we are uncertain how many the police is arresting, harassing, assaulting or even possibly killing. Peace.

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