A look into the 4th October 2021 Speech of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali

On the 4th October 2021 was the day that Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali was sworn-in into power after “winning” a majority in the recently held election. It was a the grand festivities in Addis Ababa with several of other Head of States. The PP and the elites celebrated winning an election, which was pre-selected in advance. There was no way the Prime Minister nor his party could ever loose. All the cards was stacked in his favour and only a return of Jesus could have stopped this from happening. Alas, Jesus didn’t come on the Hill over Jerusalem to destroy the party. That has to happen at another time, apparently.

This speech is made as his swearing-in to his first elected term, but his second term in power never the less. The PM is in the middle of conflict, in a war-torn republic and with plenty of enemies. Enemies that he has fostered and created during his 3 years in office. Therefore, the speech from him now. Will show he handles the pressure and the prolonged conflict, which was supposed to end in no time. To be exact, the final stage of the conflict was only a few weeks in it, about late-November 2020 if I remember correctly. So, it is interesting that he persist and doesn’t take defeat.

I will take a few small passages and discuss them, as I see fit and in the end come with a final brief statement overall. Just so you know the gist. Here we go!

I would like to start by thanking God for giving me this opportunity to deliver this speech before you on such a historic day when we are establishing a new government elected through a transparent and legitimate election process for the first time in the long history of Ethiopia as a state” (Abiy. 04.10.2021).

For him this was a historical day and for his party. It wasn’t an transparent or legitimate election process. If so, why didn’t he allow or let his competitors run against him? Why is major parts of the opposition behind bars? Why did so many party boycott the polls? Well, because the whole game rigged and there was no proper process surrounding the elections. This is insincere and shows how easily the PM lies. This is the opening statement and we can already assess very obvious lies.

Although the 6th National Election was not without blemish and limitations, it was a monumental occasion that has opened a new chapter in our longstanding quest to establish a democratic system – it has definitely taken us a step forward. We have now reached a stage where power emanates from the will of the people as expressed through the ballot – and not from the hereditary line, from the barrel of guns, nor from conspiracy and deceitful machinations” (Abiy, 04.10.2021).

Here he go again. It is kind of hard for the people to decide on the ballot who they want to vote for. When the authorities are barring so many candidates from standing. Stopping parties from participating and so fourth. Also, again plenty of parties boycotted the elections, because they knew it was insincere. So, when Abiy speaks of the “will of the people” his speaking of his selection and his wishes that was granted. The people was maybe not forced with guns or it happened through a coup d’etat. However, this was not an effort where the authorities or the state allowed serious opposition to participate or have any possibility of challenging Abiy. So, if this is new chapter it is a renewal of the similar elections held in Ethiopia before the Prosperity Party and Abiy. Come on!.

The outcome of the election does not make a single party a victor; it is not only a success for the government. The victory is for Ethiopia as a country and Ethiopians as people – a great success we should properly celebrate and can harness to fill many gaps if we duly recognize it” (Abiy, 04.10.2021).

It was one victor and that was Abiy. The Prosperity Party and Abiy won the whole thing. The others are “allowed” “Opposition” which is working directly with him. That’s why he appointed men from these parties into his cabinet too. This was a great success and a victory for him. Not a great one for the republic itself.

On our side, we commit to an inclusive and participatory process that will help build an Ethiopia that is by all, from all, and to all. We will work to ensure our political system will be a result of our agreed compromises instead of only a reflection of the winner’s interest” (Abiy, 04.10.2021).

I can guarantee you… that he will not do this. It is not in his interest to do this. If he cared about this he would need to free the 1000s of political prisoners and allow certain political parties to operate. He only works for his own interest. That was something he was doing before he even won. So, who believes that this man will go into dialogue and be inclusive? This man wouldn’t even have IGAD involved into the dialogue in Ethiopia. Therefore, Abiy isn’t believable here… and not shocking another lie.

Going forward, we will work to embrace our diversity as beauty; reconcile our conflicts while respecting our differences; strengthen our multinational unity and collectively achieve new heights. We will conduct national consultations and discussions to narrow our political differences. We will include all who believe in resolving problems through discussions. The process will not just be consultations among political elites but will instead ensure participation of all parts of society and led by Ethiopians with the aim to find homegrown solutions” (Abiy, 04.10.2021).

Here he returns back to this. While we know he will not do this. He will only accept the ones following his paradigm or dogma. The ones differing from that is sent packing. That is what he has done in his three years in power. Who believes he will suddenly talk to his opponents now? He only talked to them and later, either detained them or deemed them as “terrorist”. I don’t think he will talk to Mohammed Jawar or Eskinder Nega, neither anyone else who he has stopped for that matter. That would mean the PM needs to humiliate himself. Nah, that isn’t happen from his grace.

The conflict in northern Ethiopia born out of betrayal and arrogance this past year has cost our country dearly. This war was created by few individuals who were intent on destabilizing the country unless they could be in charge to turn the wheels as they pleased” (Abiy, 04.10.2021).

Abiy wants to rewrite the narrative, which isn’t surprising. The Ethiopian government, together with Amhara regional forces and Eritrean forces was in-coordination in advance of the attack of the Northern Command. They had put mechanical divisions in Amhara. Flown brigades to Eritrea to be able to invade from two separate areas. Therefore, Abiy says they betrayed him, because they didn’t join the PP and didn’t accept the ending of the coalition of the EPRDF. While Abiy will never take responsibility for months of economic blockade ahead of the invasion and even sent commandos in 2018 to kill TPLF leadership. Nevertheless, people will believe the all powerful army and government from Addis Ababa and not Mekelle. That’s just how things goes…

When we recently pulled back our forces with hopes the enemy would come to its senses, instead they armed and put children on the battlefield; destroyed public resources; demolished schools and health centers; dismantled families, murdered innocent civilians; killed cattle vital to farmers’ livelihoods; desecrated holy sites” (Abiy, 04.10.2021).

The troops left parts of Tigray region, because the Tigray Defence Force had a successful campaign. The troops was instead stationed on the border, but they have never left the Western parts of Tigray. Secondly, the blockade of all commodities, utilities and food. The state have never given the ceasefire a try itself. Neither has any of it’s allies. That is the just first point.

The other points he does is projections. He blames the TDF and TPLF for everything his armies and allies has done. The Tripartite Alliance have destroyed infrastructure, destroyed farms and villages. The armies have looted and killed, raped and murdered civilians. The Tripartite Alliance has destroyed churches and holy sites. All of this documented, so now his targeting his enemies for the acts, which his allies and armed forces has done. That is deceitful and disgraceful, but shows his intentions.

Our fight is only with those anti-Ethiopian forces that are intent on threatening the very existence of our country, turning people against each other, stealing and looting our resources to fill their pockets and usurp power. We will exert all effort, take any action, and pay every sacrifice necessary until this existential threat is removed and the peaceful continuity of Ethiopia is assured” (Abiy, 04.10.2021).

What he means here is fighting everyone whose not on his side of the battle. Not the ones who fights for justice, freedom or liberty. The PM has created more liberation fronts and there is an united effort against him. These are what he calls “anti-Ethiopian” forces. Alas, that’s the power he has and he intends to use it. This is all happening, because of his imperial and tormenting manners of his regime. Not like he comes to give a hand, no he comes with an iron-fist.

At this critical time as we are working to fend off threats against our national sovereignty. The international pressure we faced has made us look back at our history: on the one hand, we have always had countries, people, institutions, and individuals who stand with us in our time of need; on the other hand, we have witnessed many betrayals as we strive to stay committed to principles” (Abiy, 04.10.2021).

It is very ironic that the PM says this when the Eritrean forces is violating the “sovereignty” on a daily. Yes, I know the PM is paranoid about the United Nations Organizations, Humanitarian Aid Organizations and Foreign envoys. That’s because they are not working directly in the interest of the PM, but for the ones in dire need and who is starving in his nation. Secondly, maybe he shouldn’t be addicted to donor funds and direct government support to his Republic. If his so sovereign and doesn’t endure interference. He better start to get domestic revenue higher and proper taxes. Not live on donations and aid of others. Also, not follow guidelines and directives of the World Bank or the IMF. That’s if he has principals on this matter, but I think the almighty Dollars are to vital for him to do so. This would also hurt the already fragile war-economy….

The coming years will witness Ethiopia take out the thorns on its side, heals its wounds, establishes its multi-national unity on rock solid foundations, and an era when its name shall be celebrated throughout the world. The coming years will notice – the spine of poverty, the flanges of hatred, the pillars of disunion, the receptacles of displacement, the hands of carnage, and the powers of conceited incrimination – shredded to fragments through the united action of my countrymen” (Abiy, 04.10.2021).

Abiy’s era will not be remember like he think it will. This isn’t the honeymoon time and Nobel Peace Prize ceremony Abiy. No, this Ethiopia will be remembered for the bloodshed, famine and warfare. Abiy was able to get away with the injustice in Oromia and Ogaden, but the Tigray conflict has shown his true heart. It is not like the civil war will suddenly turn into a dream scenario. He has open a can of worms and he cannot control how it will spiral out of his control. That’s why he will not have the sort of legacy he seeks for and neither will the era be remembered fondly. This is the “Medemer” Terror and the Derg 2.0 so his not as fashionable as he think he is. Maybe the “Yes-Men” around him says so, but that’s not true.

Enough of this. PM Abiy was able at one point to trick the world, but I hope that saga is over. Peace.

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