Opinion: Belete Molla is an ally of the PM and not an “opposition”

We don’t accept many legal provisions including the constitution; but only because we will take government position sometime, we will fight to change the laws in peaceful and legal ways to build peaceful bargaining culture”Belete Molla Getahun (2019)

The National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) Chairman Belete Molla Getahun was appointed as a Minister in the new cabinet. There reports that his one out of three who is opposition. I have earlier today covered Dr. Bernahu Nega, Ezema who is also in-coordination with the Prosperity Party. If the “opposition” wasn’t like that. They would be kidnapped, detained or even killed. That is what happens to the real opposition in the Federal Republic.

So, when Molla accepted the role and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. We knew that the Assistant Professor is a Amhara Nationalist. That is the signal of appointing him. When plenty have for so long said the PM needs Amhara support. It is very clear as the previous President of Amhara region became speaker of the Lower House in the House of Federation and the NAMA chairman gets a ministerial post.

What people should worry about is that the NAMA is both expansionist and militant. The NAMA is supportive of the warfare in Tigray Region. The NAMA wants to expand Amhara region in Oromia, Afar and Benishangul-Gumuz. NAMA is claiming Amhara genocide, but supporting the man-made famine and starvation of Tigray region. It is clear that the NAMA is supportive in a way that the PM approves of.

NAMA has written statements against the United Nations Organizations. NAMA has applauded Eritrean participation in the warfare inside Eritrea. Therefore, they fit very well in the cabinet of Abiy. He is getting a token Amhara nationalist and ally.

The international community should know this. He is a nationalist and will not do any good. I doubt he will get the PM to cease the warfare, as the NAMA is in favour of the expansions and going after the TPLF. One of Molla’s long time enemies happens to be the TPLF. Therefore, the Tigray region is fair-game for the people like him. Peace.

2 thoughts on “Opinion: Belete Molla is an ally of the PM and not an “opposition””

    1. I appreciated your political points, but our people economy, social and democracy needs tremendous change. Try to work with diaspora professionals, you will get change within short period of time.

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