Opinion: Museveni have weaponized the judiciary and the authorities [that’s the problem]

The National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M) came with promise of peace and liberty for the people. The promises haven’t been kept and the NRM is no different from the previous regimes. The only difference in some parts of the Republic the amounts of extra judicial killings and abuse of process, which is illegally detaining civilians, charging political opponents and even using Military Courts to prosecute political prisoners. Therefore, yesterday’s National Address of His Excellency was really insulting himself and his reign.

Yes, he lied about several of things. We can doubt that the President was sent to prisons during his time as a student and was also in Mozambique to learn guerrilla tactics. This man was in such good favours that Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere wanted President Milton Obote to hire him. That clearly helped him to get the post of Research Assistance in the Office of the President. A post he had until Idi Amin overthrow Obote. So, believing he would be many times in jail is the easiest lie.

What is striking that the President is speaking of victims of murders, killings and extra judicial killings. That the assassins and killers doesn’t deserve police bond or bail. A right everyone has in 1995 Constitution. A Constitution he created and made in his vision back-in-the-day. We know he has revised to the new reality and to his self-styled Presidential for Life. Therefore, changing this would be Modus Operandi.

However, doing this and what the state does. Instead of investigating and using due process in criminal proceedings. In concern to the arrests of opposition MPs. It follows a pattern and it’s pathetic. They arrested before the proceedings are even started. The MPs are targeted and charged, but there was no real investigation in advance. Therefore, the state cannot produce witnesses, affidavits or evidence defending the charges. That’s why the state has put the cart before the horse and it’s deliberate. This is why the MPs are put on bail while the authorities have to figure out who to pin them. Secondly, why they are re-arrested by another parts of the authorities for other charges. To keep them behind bars. While they are working … to find a way and reasons for keeping them detained. This is initially making people guilty before they are innocent. Instead of the principal of being innocent until proven guilty.

That’s why it’s really staggering that he does and uses his time to re-issue the idea of abolishing bail and police bond. The President seems to have no trouble doing this. However, if he pushes for this and it becomes a new regime after him. They might use these laws to target NRM leaders and family members of Museveni. Muhoozi and Odrek could easily be targeted on phony charges, airlifted to Moroto and kept behind bars for months. While the authorities are producing evidence and proof of the alleged intentions to do the crime they are charged with.

President Museveni will now serve injustice in system. Yes, murders and extra judicial killings should be investigated. The ones behind the crimes should be charged and sentenced. This should be all parts of the authorities to participate and ensure justice is served. That done by the due process and with rule of law. However, the ideals and words of Museveni yesterday his the officer, judge and the executioner. His taking the law into his own hands and wants people to be detained and sentenced without proper proceedings. That is just tragic, but shows how he cares about justice.

For a man who promised to deliver “fundamental change” and be different than his predecessors. His clearly copying them all and all of their ills. A piece by piece, as his time is lingering in power. What is striking is that he uses the same methods and means to stay in office. The NRM and the President have no issues weaponizing the judiciary, the authorities and the state to target its opponents. That it has done through the years and its not getting better. This why this is just furthering oppression and crackdown on the ones who differs from His Excellency. Peace.

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