Opinion: Abiy’s message to the world is that he wants the starving to die in darkness

The latest move in-coordination with all of his other efforts since early November 2020 has all been connected to this. It is not like it is a surprise anymore. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali wanted this conflict done silently and without much publicity. He would have preferred if it was in the bulletins and not creating headlines, as a sort of “clean-up” operation nobody cared about.

However, that has backfired and the truth is out. The bloody, sinister truth of it all. The PM cannot run away and hide. That’s why he retaliates and uses the means at his disposal. He will falsely claim and without proof, maligned and attack the ones telling the truth. Nevertheless, never care to indulge or express deep reasons for his move. No, that is for his handlers and appointees to do.

We know why the United Nations and the UN organizations was hit today. It is a strike to silence, make it harder for humanitarian assistance and ensure the devastating blow to the civilians caught in the cross-fire in this conflict. They are the ones who will pay the price.

The PM and his allies has done what it could to stop reporting in the Tigray region. The state have blocked journalists and deported some too. This has been done to other humanitarian organizations too in the past year of conflict. So nothing of this is new. It is only that it is high ranking UN officials who are vital for the food security and humanitarian assistance who is targeted now.

This are the people that could stop the famine and weaponized starvation. It is not like that is concern the PM or his “yes-men”. They are so concerned with their status of sovereign that they are letting the Eritrean Defence Forces violate that on the daily. So, it is not like that is sincere reason either.

Let it be clear, the state has a blockade and planned effort to undermine all works in Tigray region. They are not letting humanitarian assistance in and neither basic necessities either. The utilities and communications blockade is continuing to this day. The state is willing keeping the region in a blackout and they doing that by decree.

The PM wants the civilians, the citizens and the people of Tigray to suffer in silence. He doesn’t care about their lives, their rights or their existence. They doesn’t matter to him. The PM just don’t want their witnesses, the ones suffering or the ones uttering out the truth to able to expose his acts. He just want them to die in darkness. Nobody is supposed to know that millions are lacking food, medicine, fuel and phone communication. No one is supposed to know that and the PM is the only one that is allowed to know this. Because, he ordered it and is giddy about it.

Certainly, if he cared he wouldn’t let trucks be stuck for months in Afar region. His armies wouldn’t destroy vital bridges and block roads into the region. Alas, that is what his doing and his proud of it too. The PM is willing to make it near impossible to give humanitarian assistance. When his men and “empty suits” are busy scheming devious theatrics.

This isn’t fun and games, but it is a lot of lives at stake. This is a whole region suffering. Also, the areas where the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) have occupied is suffering the same methods. There are so many who needs and cannot get it. Because, there is no will and is no way. They are blocked, silenced and vilified. This is why the leaders of the UN organizations are now “person non-grata”.

They dared to the speak the truth and not allow innocent civilians to die in darkness. However, that is what His Excellency wants and his words is a command. So, he is getting his will. At this point, nobody can trust this man. His ego and his manners is all in the open. He wants people to die and not let the world see. While he claims his opponents are “terrorists”. If his government is so legit, why are you trying to hide or silence everyone, aye?

That is the tragic reality here. Civilians and citizens are pawns. While kings are dwelling on their plight and needs, which they have no plans fulfil. What is striking is that PM is willing to do this and he shows his heart. A lack of thereof, but still what preoccupies his mind. Since its of very importance to deport the people who secures food security in the Republic. Instead of helping them and giving them ways to succeed in doing so.

He wants people to die and with no spotlights. That is evident and it’s horrific to know. Peace.

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