Opinion: Museveni’s words matters less and less

The speeches, the national addresses and whatnot of the Fountain of Honour, His Excellency and the President of the Republic, Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni is becoming pointless. To say it accurately “a waste of time”.

A President and his speeches should be poignant and be inspirational. Heck, they should set the norm and the moral statement of how his government is run. Alas, the President should set forward policies, directives and what he aims to do in the present and the future. However, there is pieces of that in his speeches, but also a lot of downtime. It could just be static sounds and whispers of the past. Since it isn’t relevant or fits more a “Point Blank” skit.

President Museveni is making mockery of the Republic and himself. A man who has positioned all power in his hands. A leader who is directing everyone and involving himself in any sort of deal. There is no road, house or land in question without some sort of interference from the President. While he has appointed authorities, commissions and government organizations to do this. Still, his doing their bidding and undermining their initial work. Their mandate is without merit, because he can tell the leader of the organization. That is what you do and what I order you to do. Therefore, all protocol, due diligence or procedure is a troublesome wasteland.

So, why I am writing all of this?

Well, someone has to say it. After all the speeches of the bush-war, the legends of the past and the supposed heroics. Sooner or later,the National Resistance Movement (NRM) which is built around the President. Has to give way and become a relic as well. Not only the stalwart or historicals who is lost and praying for relevance. The same is soon happening to the President. If we are not already there.

The President can’t fake love or appreciation… he can fake polls and elections. He can rig the majority and control the institutions of the Republic. As well, he can do the same to the military and security organizations. As long as these are kept in order and paid. These will be loyal and secure the Presidency. They are not there to secure law and order. Neither is it stationed to secure the territory either. These are soldiers and officers who is more busy with dissident than doing their actual job.

That is why the speeches and statements are becoming static air and not worthy of being on TV, Radio or online for that matter. Everyone is better of cooking a stew or buying airtime for their phones. Than actually spending time listening in and await the prepared articles on the “hot-takes” from it. It is better to read a book or spend time with family. Because, you using your time for something useful.

This is really insightful and shows the true nature of things. The general public rather await for the guidance and the articles with the directives. Then to actually sit down and listen to what he has to say. The President and his handlers should be worried. Since his not seen as relevant. That is not weird considering he has imposed himself in their lives for decades. It is not like his truly elected or popular for ages. That train left long time ago and his acts is differing from his speeches too.

He can in one minute go from hating something to love it. We have seen over the years how the man has twisted and changed his mind. That has always been with the best interest for himself and his own causes. This is why everyone know he does things for selfish reasons and not for the betterment of the state. The belief in that died years ago and the ones who still believes it is naive or stupid.

So, a National Address tomorrow isn’t worthy of anyone’s time. It is better just to drop a statement with new COVID-19 guidelines and not take two hours of airtime on TV and Radio. Everyone knows it’s useless and not valuable use of time.

It is tragic that its like this after 35 years in power. However, this is something he has himself created and as long as you impose yourself on people. At one point or another people will stop to listen. With more and more time. That is evident. Just like I have less people reading stories on Museveni than I did in the past. So, it is just proven how little people care about him and his reign of tyranny. Peace.

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