Ethiopia: Lack of fuel is the reason for the missing trucks in Tigray

A BBC investigation indicates Tigray forces are not misusing aid trucks following claims made by Ethiopia’s government and it is said that lack of fuel and harassment of Tigrayan drivers prevents aid convoy from returning after reaching the war-hit northern region” (Somali Guardian, 27.09.2021).

It is not shocking anymore that the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is vilifying the Tigrayan people. Everyone is a enemy and a villain. This is nothing new and it’s a method to prolong the agony. The state has the power and ability to make humanitarian aid possible. However, with the blocking of fuel, medicine and other humanitarian assistance is blocked by Addis Ababa.

That is why the trucks from the World Food Programme isn’t returning. Even when the state made a deal between one ministry and the WFP on the 21st September 2021. Which at this point seems like a hopeless enterprise. Since, there is little to no effort to stop the weaponized humanitarian crisis created in the Tigray region. As well, as the daily reports of horrific starvation and lack of food. Which will only get worse by every day. That is clearly the incentive of the state and why they have a total blockade and lack of progress in concern to the citizens of the Tigray region.

Since checkpoints have been decreased from 7 to 2, movement of humanitarian assistance into Tigray has been facilitated by the Government and no access issues have been registered. UN noted that of 466 of its humanitarian trucks that entered Tigray, only 38 have returned” (Office of the Prime Minister, 21.09.2021).

The last fuel tanker entered Tigray on 29 July, over 7 weeks ago, while 9 tankers in Semera (Afar) are pending Government approval” (OCHA, 23.09.2021).

When you have news like this and the BBC uncovers the lie. While the state operatives and state sympathizers are all blaming the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). When they know damn well who is in-charge and who let’s these convoys even go. They are not letting them pass and blocking them from entering. It is kind of hard to return a truck without gasoline or fuel. That is just a fact, but maybe the PP thinks this is progress or prosperity. To see their own citizens starve and die. Because, you couldn’t allow UN organizations to drive in medicines, fuel or food. That’s such a distasteful and disgraceful act. It should be seen as a war-crime and crimes against humanity.

By will and force to let innocent civilians starve and die. Because, you wanted to hurt your enemy and the ones who didn’t want to consolidate power. Like you did when you made your Prosperity Party out of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) coalition. Which the TPLF didn’t accept and desist from entering in. Therefore, they put themselves into harms way by not following command and participate in the “program” of Abiy.

That’s why the war is a thing in general and used every excuse in the book to make it possible. Lied about nearly every aspect and every single incident. Always blaming either the victim or the enemy. Never taking responsibility or account for own actions. Claiming to not take civilian lives while bombing towns and raiding villages for months. Destroying factories, infrastructure and deploying militias to the fields of Tigray. Still, you blame them. Just like the government is blaming them now for the trucks as well. This isn’t new, but just another target in their battle for supremacy.

It is tragic and there are too many innocent lives taken in this conflict. Just so one man can be the King. That’s the real tragedy here. Despicable actually. Peace.

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